Discussion: Self Serving Bias

I am sure some of you have no clue what self serving bias is. Let’s start with the basics.

Self Serving Bias is the need to maintain self esteem, and enhance it, by boosting your ego, in a sometimes unhealthy way. There is much more to that, but that’s a general idea of what self serving bias is.

While it might be good sometimes because it boosts your confidence, it can also get very bad and unhealthy.

You will think that you are superior to others, and this will make it very hard for you to find friends. People will dislike you for your unhealthy ego and avoid you, since you’d tend to not only think you are better, but that others are also worse than you.

Your way of thinking that you are superior might be illogical, and with no proof or way to support this opinion.

How many boxes would you check? :heavy_check_mark:

Do you think you have self serving bias? Do you think someone you know or have met at some point in your life was struggling with it?

What’s your opinion on self serving bias?

Thanks @Duckling for proofreading! :pleading_face::blush::new_moon::dizzy::black_heart:


I think that I might have the opposite of it :eyes::sparkles::sweat_smile::green_heart:
I always think of myself as less then others :sweat_smile::green_heart::eyes::sparkles:
But I also have family members and classmates who would fit into that description perfectly :eyes::eyes::eyes:

It can be harmful to the person and their surroundings because they will most likely overestimate themselves at some point and disappoint everyone… :eyes::sparkles::no_mouth:


I was like this when I was younger (like 6) and I still have a tendency to fall to these traits but mainly because I’m stubborn. Most of the things on this list are things that I would never do though.


Taking credit for teamwork would just annoy me to be completely honest.


I think I check two of those boxes, but the taking credit for team effort thing I don’t try to do and I never do, but people around me seem to ignore the team and say that I did all the work.

It always puts everyone in an uncomfortable position


How many boxes would you check?

Probably one, and that’s obsession with praise and approval, but it’s because I wonder if they’re being sincere or are lying… :eyes: I also rarely get approval or praise irl so when I do, my brain gets surprised.

Do you think you have self serving bias?

No. I think I might have the opposite :eyes: I have very low self-esteem, and I just make it worse for myself by bringing myself down and being my own worst critic. I have friends who would definitely fit into that though!

What’s your opinion on self serving bias?

Although people with it might seem annoying (like if they take credit for group work), sometimes they could just be bitchy but sometimes they could be doing it because they’re insecure and need to boost their ego. And when you’re insecure, the last thing you want is people yelling at you. And although it is their fault(?), we should be patient and understanding and try to help them with the underlying issues.

There’s also those who suffer from self serving bias and genuinely think they’re above others and superior. But there are still underlying issues, like why do they think they’re superior really? Why do they feel the need to feel superior?

I say ‘suffer’ because I think it can be harmful to both the person and to their surroundings. People will get annoyed, the person might start losing friends and become isolated, which leads the insecure people to try to boost their ego further, losing more friends. It’s also not good to think of yourself as above others. Yes, there are older people, wiser people, more ‘important’ people (royalty, etc.) but in the end, once we strip away those things, we are one and the same.


I check some of these boxes :grimacing:

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Almost all? xDDDD I suck jeez

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