Discussion: Should rich people pay more taxes?

some food for thought

I’d say, yes, they should. Even someone who is just now getting into the working aspect of life, and having to do adult things, I realized the more that I make, the more money taken out of my paycheck for taxes. Which is quite odd, considering the rich people look to be getting more rich? How come I, someone who am barely middle class, cannot go farther up the wealth classes? Why is it that people who have so much money, barely do anything to benefit the land around me? Are they really paying taxes at all is my question.

I think it’s interesting, and would like to know, do you think rich people should pay more taxes? Why or why not?

@Discussions , what do you think, for you people especially who have to?

@Debaters ? :thinking:

tbf if everyone would for example pay 1% of their overal money, Imagine what difference it would make for someone with 100 or someone with 1 mil.
it’s still only 1% but in a way you pay more.

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I did read that there was a certain time period where paying tax was seen as a really high honour because it meant you had the means to do so :thinking: it was kinda a flex

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