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So everyone knows that when TV shows (or sometimes movies) do well, producers jump on the opportunity to make more money by making a second show, a spin-off. What do you think about spin-offs?

Sometimes, it is clear that they have only done it for the money and have not put too much thought into it – what have been the worse spin-off you’ve ever seen?

But, spin-offs can also sometimes be really good - arguably better than the original show. For example, two of my favourite shows are The Fosters and Boy Meets World. I think the spin-offs of each, Good Trouble and Girl Meets World, are/were so good !! What are some of the really good spin-offs you know?


Spin offs, not reboots.

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In my opinion spin-offs are usually a lot worse compared to the original show it was based off. Some are quite decent and manage to stand on it’s own without having to rely on nostalgia.

  • Better Call Saul a spin off from Breaking Bad
  • The Originals a spin-off from the Vampire Diaries.
  • The Punisher a spin off from Dare Devil

All three of these shows don’t require prior knowledge of the original show it was based on. It does enhance your viewing experience if you did , but you will be able to understand the storylines and characters without it as well. Better Call Saul is actually kind of a sequel to Breaking bad .While the other two just follow a character from the original show after their departure from said show.


Yes! Best show ever!


Yes! Both are great!
Then Legacies as a spin-off from both The Vampire Diaries and The Originals.


Some spin-offs can be really good, and for some shows the spin-offs are just as good or better than the original show. And some shows even end up with multiple spin-offs. Like how The Vampire Diaries has two spin offs, The Originals & Legacies (which is a spin-off of both TVD and The Originals). Off the top of my head the only other example i can think of is Grey’s Anatomy, it had the spin-off Private Practice, and currently Station 19. (Both of which are pretty good. Station 19 is just as good as Grey’s Anatomy)

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