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As we all know, a stereotype is an over-generalized idea/belief about a specific category of people. Other people might have an expectation about a person from a certain category of people, and it could be because of his race/religion/culture/sexual orientation, etc. Stereotypes are not something simple to change or bust and can be definitely harmful, there’s no doubt about it! But are all the stereotypes are harmful? Well ,if you ask me, some can be positive - however, they can be harmful this way or other. Or at least, they could have negative effects.

Here are some questions:

  • How accurate do you think stereotypes are? (Or: do you think there’s a little of truth in stereotypes?)
  • Do you think there’s such thing as positive stereotypes?
  • What stereotypes do you find most hurtful?

My answers to these questions:

  • How Accurate Do You Think Stereotypes Are? (Or: Do You Think There’s a Little of Truth in Stereotypes?)

I’d say that there’s a little of truth in at least some of the stereotypes that are existing. But don’t get me wrong! When I say “there’s a little truth”, I don’t mean to say that every stereotype is true about all the people of the particular category. Not at all.
I agree with the claim saying that stereotypes are rooted in truth, but it doesn’t mean that it’s true about all the people of the same category.
I’ll take the “men are taller than women” example, which is a good one. I mean, yeah, No tall men are lacking in this world, but it doesn’t mean that women cannot be (even a little bit) taller than some men. I, for example, am a bit taller than my future brother-in-law, who’s almost the same height as my sister.

Another example (which I believe you know): “the Jewish nose”, a stereotype about Jews that I hate. Seriously? I really don’t know who’s the one that came up with this term :woman_facepalming:t4::woman_facepalming:t4:. With all due respect, a big nose doesn’t make anyone a Jew. If already, what does determine the person’s Judaism is his mother.

But stereotypes aren’t very accurate big time.

  • Do You Think There’s Such Thing As Positive Stereotypes?

Well, maybe yes. However, they aren’t that positive, but seemingly. As I said, stereotypes that are seemingly positive can be definitely harmful, even discriminating.
Examples: the “strong” woman, all the Asians are smart/good at math.
Positive stereotype can be alienating and depressing to individuals who are supposed to possess them and others who aren’t. In addition, they can inhibit an individual’s ability to perform. For instance, take the “Asians are good at math” stereotype - if you tell an Asian this right before a math exam, it can increase their potential at first, but then it will bomb it and make him/her do worse at this than they are “supposed” to be able to do.

Positive or not, they are harmful in the end. :woman_shrugging:t4:

  • What Stereotypes Do You Find Most Hurtful?

“All gay men are sexual predators or pedophiles”.

“The Jewish mother”.

“Jews always overstate how much they have suffered”

“Jews and Asians are domineering and not decent people” (and that’s when there’s the positive stereotype about white Christians who are portrayed as reliable and charitable people)

“Gay men aren’t masculine”

“Ethiopians have a low capability”

“All Muslims are terrorists”.

“Muslim men are misogynist”

“Christians are homophobic”

Just to name a few…


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I don’t like stereotypes, mainly because as a person who wears alot of black and listens to alternative and heavy music, I get stereotyped with people saying things like (TW self harm) “look at her she probably cuts herself” by looking at me you shouldn’t make that assumption. Or any assumption.

You shouldn’t judge people you don’t know because they look a certain way. I will now answer the questions.

Not very accurate tbh, you can’t box humans all into the same category. While there may be people who live up to the stereotype, not everybody does. Alot of stereotypes are very generic and imply that entire groups of people are the same. It’s like saying that all girls who wear alot of make up are insecure, not all of them are, some just wear it for fun. Or an even worse stereotype, “all male dancers are gay” which just isn’t true.

I don’t think prejudging somebody based off the actions of a few other people associated with them could ever be concieved as positive. By saying something like “all Asians are good at maths” even though it sounds complimentary, it isn’t really, we’re all human just because we’re from certain place doesn’t mean we all share the same skill sets and as I mentioned earlier, you shouldn’t box people. On the other hand I don’t get offended by positive stereotypes because I can assume the person saying it means well or hasn’t quite thought through what they’re saying.

No stereotype is nice but the ones in particular I find really annoying are the ones against teenagers “all teenagers do is sit on their phones all day” “all teenagers are angry” “all teenagers go out partying and cause trouble” teenagers have enough stuff going on without older people trying to tell them how they act.

Also stereotypes based on race/gender/sexual orientation or even life style choices such as going vegan are all pretty dumb. I’m friends with 3 vegans in real life and none of them have tried to force their ideals onto me so the fact the media and other sources stereotype them as being aggressive about their beliefs, that’s not the case for every vegan and really varies from person to person.

I try my best not to pay attention to stereotype but I guess it’s part of the sub conscious human desire to box everything as a way of understanding it better.

Don’t even get me started on generational stereotypes.


I think it depends on the context to be honest. I have seen many people jump into conclusions like they assume all Asians are Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese when Bangladeshi, Indian, Tamil, Pakistani (Desi) all count as Asian. But I do feel that there are truth about some stereotypes (I can’t think of any example because not sure if I will get shade for it).

For instance, I think the stereotype “women are bitchy” is completely accurate as it’s in our nature to be a biatch to everybody. Plus, a lot of girls always call each other that; and oh yes, I can’t forget the guys because they say that and guys can also be catty (I don’t mean meow meow catty).

Not that I can think of tbh.

“All white men are abusive and disloyal”

“People who eat meat are evil”

“Anyone that is pro-choice are disgusting and should be avoided”

“Wearing make up means that you’re a hooker”

“Men who cry are such cowards!”

“If you’re a feminist, that means you’re autistic”

“Women aren’t oppressed”

“Men can’t get raped”

“Dying your hair red means that you’re a hooker”

“Not wearing a hijab means that you’re asking to get raped”

I can go on and on but I’ll stop there.


All stereotypes have some truth in them, but that doesn’t justify painting everyone with the same brush. Stereotypes do not represent an entire group. Some stereotypes also stem from only a tiny bit of truth but are exaggerated for entertainment e.g. old caricatures of black Americans. Black people do tend to have big lips for example but in those old ads and posters, they were exaggerated for the sake of humiliation and as a part of their oppression.

Nope. Even though a stereotype can sound positive e.g. “black people are funny and outgoing” it makes the people who are a part of that group who don’t reflect it (like me) feel like they’re not a “normal” member of that group. I’m a quiet person but I’ve had people say things to me like “I wasn’t expecting you to be so quiet” or “I thought you’d talk more” because they subconsciously associate blackness with extroversion. I don’t see how generalising an entire group based on the actions of one person has any positive benefits.

“Quiet people don’t know how to socialize”

“Quiet people have dark sides and secretly planning evil stuff that’s why they don’t say anything”

“Quiet people are dumb because they don’t say anything”

“If you do ____, you’re gay”

“Black girls with straight hair hate themselves/want to be white”

“Black girls are sassy”

“Black girls are aggressive and loud”


I’d say that although they might be true for some members of a culture/country/race/gender/etc, they aren’t true for everyone. Probably they were started by someone who met more than one individual with characteristics in common and assumed that everyone belonging to that group is like that.

They might seem to be, but someone who doesn’t fit that stereotype might feel excluded or inadequate.

Oh, let’s see…
“Mexicans are criminals who wear sombreros, ponchos, and drink tequila”

“All Christians are hypocrites and are always telling people that they are ‘sinners’ and are going to go to hell”

“Arabs are terrorists”

“Girls who wear dresses and makeup and get their nails done are superficial and lazy”

“People from (insert country here) swear a lot” (In every country there are people who swear a lot and people who don’t)

Also, it really kind of grates my nerves when a certain object is always used to represent a culture as if everyone from that country is into that.



Ok, let me just tell you some of the chinese stereotypes.

  1. CHINESE DON’T ALWAYS USE CHOPSTICKS!!! For me, I use fork and spoon most of the time.
  2. Not all chinese parents are strict.
  3. Not all asians are chinese.
  4. Not all chinese are good in math.
  5. They don’t say ching chong ching chong when they’re speaking. I swear I saw it in an Episode story once and I find it disrespectful.

Can’t think of any other stereotypes atm.


What the actual hell?


Not only in Episode. I don’t know what about you guys, but some people that I know said that it sounds like the Chinese people say ching chong chong when they’re speaking.
I hate it when people say it, 'cause as @Secretz said, it’s disrespectful, and it’s not even funny :roll_eyes: (and some people find it funny to make fun of people’s accent)


It’s because of a chinese instrument we use, cymbals.

Wait, are you Chinese @Secretz? :hushed:


I said that a lot of times before, lol.


:upside_down_face: I must have the worst memory then. Lol

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Stereotypes can be super damaging… what are some stereotypes you’ve encountered?

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