Discussion: Success

Formally spoken, success is the the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. But people have different opinions on that so let’s have a discussion! :smiley_cat:

Here are some questions that you can answer:

  • What do you define as success?
  • Who is successful?
  • Do you use different definitions for success for you and for others?
  • Is success important?

What do you define as success?
Accomplishing ehm… something?

Who is successful?

A difficult question to answer… Someone who is proud of and content with where they are in life?

Do you use different definitions for success for you and for others?

I guess… I think that people can be successful in many different ways.

Is success important?

This depends on what the definition of success is. I personally don’t think that it’s important to have lots of money and be famous. But success could mean managing every day life, and that is important.

So my answers are kind of vague… Success is an interesting topic but I don’t think about it that much. It maybe has to do with goals and dreams?


Waking up every day exited to live life.

Anyone who enjoys their life enough to be happy.

Not really.

Of course it is.


Whoever has the most ducks and is happy and maybe has a few good friends :pleading_face::green_heart::eyes::sparkles:


I don’t think theres a straight answer for that but for me it would mean someone who is proud of what they do, and where they are in life. Sometimes it isn’t everything in life they they are proud of, but only certain aspects. For example, you can be successful in work but not at…making friends or something different from what you do.

It can be. Like I said before, success could mean many different things. One of the biggest successes is just being able to get through your life, and not needing to worry about being famous or having money. Some people think too much about their “success” and it tends to overpower them.


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