Discussion: Talent or hard work?

Which do you think is more important in life, talent or hard work?
What of those two do you need to get a well-paid job?
Which is more important in school?
Which is more important in your daily life?

Some say both is important, others think talent is irrelevant if you don’t work hard enough. But can you work well enough if you don’t have any talent? I’d like to hear your opinions on this!


Hard work. Talent is something you possess naturally while hard work is something you have to acquire over time . Working to constantly better yourself shows real perseverance .

I think both would help out a lot , but that might depend on the job and how talented you are. Most workplaces do not like to invest in people and rather take someone who’s already good at the job they are applying for.

From my personal experience they often praise talent and appreciate hard work.

To a certain degree yeah . Already talented people who are also hardworking will most likely still beat hardworking people with zero talent . As they already have a head start , but I would say hard work still beats lazy talent.


Working hard is more important!! You can have talent, but not use that talent bc you aren’t hardworking.

Plot twist: Your talent is hardworking


Hard work. Talent is effortless, you feel better when someone loves your talent but it’s not something that you worked for. Hard work is better because you did it on your own and you put in effort.


Hard work. I learned something about this from a class about mindfullness. If you have the mindset of “everyone is more talented at me and since I’m not talented in that area I’ll never be good” that’s a horrible mindset! Instead you really have to think that everyone who is good at what they do has worked hard to get there and that you can too! Instead of going on the notion that there is automatic talent in one area, you will instead work hard on your goals and actually achieve them instead of feeling bad about yourself. I’d say nobody is born with a certain talent, they might just be more passionate about it to keep working hard on it to achieve their goals because when you’re passionate about something progress comes faster.


I really think it is a balance, you need a certain amount of talent to succeed in something, but to fully utilize your talent you need to invest a lot of hard work and without this work you won’t succeed either. However, in life in general I believe that being a hard worker brings you further than having talent, you can be so talented but if you don’t work for it you won’t reach your full potential. I admire people who actually work hard for something they want to reach, it shows they have determination.

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Hard work. Even if you’re talented in something, you still need to work hard to get better at it.


Hard work is usually more important :eyes::sparkles:

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Hard work! It doesn’t matter how talented you are if you don’t use your talent. Having a talent will make it easier for you to pick up things faster, but if you don’t work there is nothing to pick up lol.

I must also say that I’m more impressed by hard work. It takes some real skills and determination to succeed with something and starting from 0 or maybe even -1000.

Talent is fascinating in its own way though. I have a friend who is very talented at everything. She’s really intelligent and but lazy :joy: She has an ear for music, languages, is very artistic, good at maths, science and stuff, an amazing friend, funny, has some great interests…

I don’t know, I’ve started to become sentimental over my friends :joy: I also have another friend who isn’t “talented”, not in the same way. But she gets really into stuff and learns everything about it. But it’s not like you can throw a new thing at her and she’ll do amazing as my other friend.

Both of them are lazy though. :laughing:


I applaud you for this! Nicely said!


You just described me in one sentence :eyes::eyes::green_heart::joy:

Are you more proud if you succeed because you worked hard or because you’re talented? :eyes::sparkles:
(Bump?) :eyes::green_heart:


Hahaha :laughing:

I don’t know. It would probably be more satisfying if I worked hard. If I succeed without effort I probably would not think about it as succeeded but more as something I had to do to. :woman_shrugging:t2:

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I think both are important but hard work will get more attention. However, I feel like talent will help you stay motivated.
In school, hard work is more important because if the teachers notice that you don’t really do much because you’re talented and, for example, don’t have to study a lot for Maths, they’ll call you lazy.
In daily life, I guess both can be useful but your friends might appreciate your talents more than if they see you hard working all the time.
Although, being able to work hard can also be a talent :thinking:


I feel like teachers appreciated talents more than hard work in the schools I’ve been to. The people who was super good at maths just chatted with the teacher all lesson and I was in the “fast” group where watched movies during the lessons since none of us really had to study (waste of time… anywayyys). That’s why I’m more impressed with hard work since I thought it didn’t get attention :sweat_smile: someone who worked super hard just to pass a class doesn’t look very impressive…


It was totally different at my school :joy: I never really did much in my Maths class but still had good grades and my teacher shouted at me because “even if you already know all of that, you have to study more!”
nobody cared about talent :joy:

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Oh :laughing: Maybe your classmates? “She doesn’t have to study, she’s so lucky” I don’t know. That was what most thought in my school :rofl:

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