Discussion: "Transage" and "MAP"

Forewarning, this is going to be a really controversial discussion (this is also a trigger warning as this can be a sensitive topic for some people). Also, please note that being a MAP is illegal and that we (the forum staff) do not condone this behaviour.

Here are the definitions of both:


This term is used by people who claim to identify as a different age, usually to justify a relationship with someone who is way younger than them.

MAP (Minor Attracted Persons)

Adults who are attracted to children. It’s basically a fancy way of saying P*dophile.

PLEASE be aware that, as much as they claim/try to be, neither of these are part of the LGBTQ+ community.

You can use this thread to discuss your opinions about these people, but please be mindful of the forum guidelines.


Just call them p*dophiles

that’s it. they’re just criminals.

we do not claim them :rainbow_flag:


Oh god. I’ve heard of MAP’s, but not a transage.


They are criminals and idiots who think they can add themselves to the LGBT community. Call them p*dos because that’s what they are. If you are attracted to children as an adult you seriously need help. Go to a therapist.


Trans age is a mockery of the lgbtqia +

They’re pedos and nothing can change my mind


So we reached that point already :roll_eyes:

Idk what to say, you’ve said it all for me

It’s illegal and disgusting and if you see one of those flags on a restaurant or a business, call 911 because that means they support p*dophilia

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you might want to censor p*dophile, just so you don’t get flagged or trigger anyone. Like draw a line through the e or something


Oh, ok!

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You could also put the image in a hide details thing or blur it, and give a trigger warning


I blurred and marked it out.


Still very nasty.

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Once saw on TV a man that they did an investigation on. The guy was a p’do but the police couldn’t do a thing about him. And he refuses to seek for help because he thinks it’s oke to have those relationships with kids. He goes on social media and talks to little kids. Guy travels to the whole country just to meet those little kids… discusting and the police doesn’t do anything

P*dophiles are not LGBTQ+. They are disgusting people.

If you take pride in being a criminal, seek help immediately, as you are a danger to our society and children.


in all honesty, 99% of the time, everyone’s points on this thread are true
however, there is a 1% - I’m talking about systems in this case.
Sometimes, an adult body will have a minor alter, which is real and valid, the same as the other way round
Just wanted to make that point
In no way am I saying that these cases justify a physically adult person being with a physically minor child, it is still unacceptable, just that things are complex and you should wait for people to explain stuff before judging.

I am currently a minor. I am also a system. Our core is about 5-7 years old, and that is unlikely to change. That means that when I become an adult, I will still have younger alters. So yea- that’s what I wanted to contribute lol, I hope I made sense

also, these people are not transage or any of those weird terms - they are just people, who’s mind and body don’t quite match but they understand this and adapt accordingly, not lgbtq+, just a more controversial part of being a system



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Now obviously I always say that we shouldn’t gatekeep the LGBTQ+ community HOWEVER this is the obvious exception.

This is what should be kept as far away from the LGBTQ+ community as much as possible because it is absolutely, definitely not part of it. It shouldn’t be part of any community or promoted in any way.

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It sickens me that there are sickos, justifying paedos!

Paedos do not count as LGBT and it never will be. They’re not human, they’re all despicable swine!

Also, transage is a stupid thing. It’s wrong for a fully grown adult to date someone that is under 18!

Being LGBT is not equivalent to pa3d0philia, either! I don’t get why some idiots conflate LGBT with pa3d0philia.


I know…it’s nasty.

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