DISCUSSION: Vegetarians and people who can’t eat certain meat feeling left out?


Is it just me or as a vegetarian I feel left out a lot? Today we were cooking s’mores and my teacher was like to the kids who can’t have gelatin “Sorry, but deal with it, I can’t afford alternatives,” but was wearing Gucci jewelry and stuff. And in the school cafeteria all the good options always come with some sort of meat. When I just want pesto pasta they add chicken to it and when I want Mac & cheese they add hotdog slices. Plus every time I make a complaint or ask for more options everyone ignores me. :pensive:

DISCLAIMER: No arguing, please be respectful, NO HATE TO PEOPLE WHO DO EAT MEAT AND MORE.

What are your thoughts?


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Well, I myself don’t eat meat, chicken and fish. In addition, there are kinds of meat that I can’t eat, like: pork, camel, horse, hyrex, and more (I won’t go into details). Also, I can’t eat seafood, and fish that aren’t kosher. (Seafood isn’t kosher at all).
So, I personally don’t feel left out at all. :woman_shrugging:t4:


I mean tbh, I can’t eat a lot of stuff other than Chicken, Beef, Lamb, fish, duck, and goat. I definitely can’t eat pork cause they are dirty (no not like the dirty that Pat does lol), they like to go on mud so that’s why it’s haram in my religion. So I get what you’re trying to say.



I’m vegeterian and I hate the smell of meat or really even being around it (not even for ethical reasons anymore it just stinks XD) and the only reason I would ever go back to eating meat is so I can go out with people and eat

You know, like everyone else does :joy:

Other than that sole reason, I have no intent on ever eating meat again


And why are people always putting bacon in everything???!
My mom says its for “flavor” but like???
I remember things tasting worse than if it didn’t have bacon in it in the first place :joy:

I’m sorry pigs but bacon is literally the worst smell that exists. :mask::mask::mask:


Thanks y’all for the responses. It made me think a lot about how I look at things. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: And how the different perspectives help you understand certain aspects of a discussion.

@PensiveShadow can you please close this thread?! Ty! :heart:

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Closed due to OP request. :blush: