Discussion: Werewolves!

To be honest, I’m surprised it took me this long to make a discussion thread about werewolves. As most know, I’m obsessed with werewolves and just wolves too. At first, when I was younger I was actually afraid of werewolves. I watched American Werewolf in Paris at too young of an age with my family which caused me to have about 3 years’ worth of nightmares. I still make myself watch that movie even now. This also happened with the Jurassic Park series too. Well, back to the topic at hand, eventually those nightmares turned into a love for werewolves instead. It’s inspired me to make a story about werewolves which I’m still working on also it has more than just werewolves in it.

Werewolves have been around for thousands of years in history. The earliest story about werewolves is actually from the story “The Epic of Gilgamesh”. The next story to pop up would be based in Greek Mythology under the title “Legend of Lycaon”. There are many stories throughout history that have either vilified werewolves or romanticized them as well. Another reason that werewolves influenced the world is that there is an actual illness known as lycanthropy which causes you to grow lots of hair on your body. It also causes the person to think they are turning into a werewolf which is why it ended up being called lycanthropy. The brain can trick you with delusions which can cause a person to think they have enhanced abilities which in some cases have actually happened. This is because the brain can’t differentiate between what is real and not real. It is not uncommon for a person to think they have certain abilities then proceed to use these abilities. The brain is a strange organ that has baffled doctors and scientists around the world for centuries. We know a whole lot more now than we did back then but there are still cases that perplex the world in this day in age.

Over the years there have been different types of werewolves from them being bipedal, quadrupedal, and all the way to the classic wolf-man look. I would say my favorite versions would be the bipedal werewolf form that looks more wolfish and the regular-looking wolf form. I’m not a fan of the wolf-man look because it’s unappealing to me. Though I didn’t mind it in the Teen Wolf tv show.

Bipedal Form

Traditional Wolf Form

Wolf-Man Form

What do you think of werewolves? Which type is your favorite form?



Usually I’m not a fan of werewolves if I’m honest. The only werewolves I know quite a bit about are those of the Harry Potter series. Lupin and Grayback. In the movies the portrayal of them was quite confusing. I had imagined Lupin to have a traditional wolf form, as that would work really well with his friends transformations into animals, but apparently they went with bipedal making it so unrealistic in my opinion. And then there is Grayback who basically is a wolf man, which had never been mentioned in the books I think. That even if not transformed he had characteristics of a wolf. So yeah, werewolves in Harry Potter movies are a mess tbh…

I remember enjoying a movie called American Werewolf, it’s quite old and I enjoyed American Werewolf in Paris too. Lol actually there was also a Werewolf in the book I’m reading currently.

It’s hard to say if I prefer the idea of them just being people who turn into wolves or a cross between human and wolf. I do like the idea of a wolf-man though.

By the way, the condition where there is vast amounts of hair growth on the body is actually called Hypertrichosis. It is also known as “werewolf syndrome”

Clinical Lycanthropy is different. It is a psychiatric condition where the affected individual has a delusion of being a werewolf.

Lycanthropy itself is the supernatural condition of being a werewolf.