Discussion: What do you think of anonymous question apps such as Tellonym or Saraha?

You see them in a lot of places like instagram bios and linked into people stories on snapchat. They give people a way of asking things and saying things to other people that they would not say to their face. Very much like the Anonymous confessions thread here.

While a lot of what is said can be harmless, there is a vast amount of disgusting messages that people send to others while hiding behind the anonymity of the app. The main one I see used on instagram is Tellonym but when I was in school people were using Saraha, there were a lot of problems.

So what do you all think of anonymous message apps?
Do you think they shouldn’t be allowed?
Do you have an account on any anonymous apps?

Please try and explain your answers.


Anonymity makes people act in the weirdest ways, I swear! We’ve had some people on the Anonymous Confessions thread who think what they said was justified when they were targeting others, even though they don’t stand by it enough to say it in the open.

But I love anonymity at the same time! It gives people the chance to get things off their chest that they’d usually bottle.

I bet these apps are so much worse than our forum confessions :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh gosh they are because it’s far more direct. Take tellonym for example, you are sending messages directly to that person. Whereas on the anonymous confessions thread if you want to direct it to a person you have to write their name, if it’s something offensive then Cookie will hide the name. On tellonym however unless you turn on the filter (not many people do) there are a lot of harmful messages that come through.


Also with tellonym (not sure about Saraha) the public will only see the message if you reply to it. So you never know what disgusting things somebody has been sent unless they reply.

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With yolo the person it was sent to has to post it otherwise no one will see the message

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I don’t really like them because I think that most things can be said to someone directly and most of the things you want to say anonymously aren’t something that you should send to others…
And in most cases an anonymous message won’t change anything anyways :woman_shrugging::eyes::sparkles:

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I have tellonym and it’s kool.

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Nothing is completely anonymous.

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Yeah that’s true, plus you can report the message


I got a Tellonym as a test trial, I don’t hate it and only bots are sending messages at the moment.

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I got a tellonym as an experiment

If you guys wanna ask me stuff then go for it

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Btw I can see your surname on the tell that you just linked.

Well it might not be your surname but I just thought you should know in case you wanted to change it :wolf::revolving_hearts::green_heart:


Okay check in my bio

My surname is no secret :joy:

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I must say that the tells I have recieved so far have been quite pleasent

I’m wonder if anyone here actually said anything

Closed because I think this thread has served its purpose