Discussion: What's Your Dream Job?

What’s Your Dream Job? :woman_technologist: :apple:

Whether you already have it or day dream about it, what is your dream job or career?

While you’re at it, I’d like to know more!

Whats your dream job or career?:
When and how did you find out you wanted this job/career?:
How many years does it take to achieve it?:
Do you think you can achieve it?:
Can you explain what it is (for those who don’t know, i mean like i TOTALLY know…):

 All jobs and careers are worth hearing, I'll be looking forward to it!

~ Wasn’t my idea btw :eye: :lips: :eye:



Theoretical physicist.

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Nutritionist or maybe an Information Systems Analyst

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Whats your dream job or career?:
Being a Writer.
When and how did you find out you wanted this job/career?:
Probably in middle school. At first I wanted to be an artist but changed my mind later on.
How many years does it take to achieve it?:
I guess it depends on how hard you work but it does take some time.
Do you think you can achieve it?:
No because laziness, rejection from publishers, and procrastination. I still think I can if i try hard enough though.
Can you explain what it is (for those who don’t know, i mean like i TOTALLY know…):
There are different types of writers but I’m referring to the one where your novel gets published and ends up in a library.

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Honestly being a YouTuber

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Whats your dream job or career?:


When and how did you find out you wanted this job/career?:

I don’t know when, but as soon as my mom introduced me to the camera, I did my own photography club in highschool.

How many years does it take to achieve it?:

I mean as long as it takes.

Do you think you can achieve it?:


Can you explain what it is (for those who don’t know, i mean like i TOTALLY know…):

Basically taking pictures of people, events, food, etc.

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I want to be an investigative journalist but not journalist like Chris Cuomo, journalist like those people who travel to China to write an article about the Muslims in the internment camps
a journalist who speaks for the silenced, someone who can really make a difference, y’know?

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Lawyer for sure

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A lawyer or some kind of scientist :star_struck:

I’ve actually been interested in law and the government since I was a little kid. I’ve also absolutely loved science for the longest time. I think I see science more as a side interest. But I do love arguing and debating about controversial topics :heart:
I also feel that it fits me

4 years of university and 3 extra years of law school!

I know I can :cowboy_hat_face:

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The goal is to open a bar, but I also want to be a photographer so I’ll probably do that and save up, and when the bar is already a thing it could be more of a side job/hobby


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Either Doctor, actress , writer or just do all of them.

When I was much smaller I always loved doctors and wanted to be one in the future and I swore up and down I will be one, then I started liking the sound of being an actress and then so found the beauty of writing and creating characters.


Probably but I need to loose a little bit of the laziness in my bones.


Doctor- They are different types of doctors with different names (I don’t know which type I want to be yet) there is o me for pregnant mothers, children, adults and just a general for sick patients etc…

Actress- acting in a film or show.

Writer- basically writing/creating books for hundreds and billions to read. I prefer the fantasy genre but I also love every other book genre.

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I looked up ‘highest paying doctorate job’
:skull: Kidding, I was always interested in the brain and being a doctor and the paycheck is only a bonus

4 years of college, 4 years of medical school, and 5-7 years of residency

I know I can (:

Literally meaning brain surgeon however we also work with spinal operations. It takes a while because the nervous system where we do surgery is so delicate and we have to really learn how to operate.

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A medical doctor. I’m still undecided with my desired specialization.

Probably Dermatology or Internal Medicine.

I got inspired after watching medical dramas. And I got way more inspired after having an on-the-job exposure when I was in high school.

It depends, but mostly likely:

4 years of undergrad degree (college)
4 years of medical school
3-7 years of residency
Extra 2 years for a sub-specialization

I’m already in college, so that means I’m already at the starting step.

I want to think that I can, but it still all depends of our financial situation. Although I can always search for scholarship programs.

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Added some tags

An imagineer at Disney.

Since I was about 6?
I would say as long as i can remember, but when I was 5 I wanted to be an astronaut.

I just need my standard 4-year college degree in civil engineering and I should be able to have the job i want.


For the Disney theme parks, the imagineers are the people who design everything and bring it to life from behind the scenes. They design the path you walk, the attractions, and everything that makes it so immersive and magical.

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Gosh I wanna be a character designer on a game series or game company so badly.

Like 2 years ago? :sweat_smile:

Depends on contacts and skill


Basically just designing the characters that appear in a videogame. Doing a front/back drawing and a page full of facial expressions with some alternate outfits and stuff.

I especially wanna practice the concept stage where you do tons of drawings and alternate variations before one is picked :eyes:

I loved designing the mascot for the Forums, the Author, that’s kinda when I realised that that’s what I would really love to do for a living


I honestky don’t know-

Graphic designer

About a year ago when I started graphic design and really enjoyed it

Not sure

If I try hard enough then sure!

Your a digital designer so for example you might make logos for companies or merchandise (the design of it)

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Therapist, or just a councellor in general. Maybe also a psychiatrist, or a psychologist.

Well, I mainly discovered it when I was like 12, and I just realised I liked helping people, and I also found the brain interesting and just psychology in general.

Around 4 or so, I’m not really sure haha

Welp, I’m not completely sure but I really hope I can :lying_face:

It’s just basically helping people, ig, sorry I’m not really good at explaining :pleading_face:

I don’t know… I’m studying to be an interior designer but I’m so disappointed and don’t like it that much now.
I always loved the whole film industry and I’m starting to regret not going in that direction. I’d really like to direct films and tv shows…