Discussion: Why do some people write Christmas with an 'X' (Xmas)?

My general understanding of this is that ‘Xmas’ is what people write when they don’t believe in God or Jesus, or follow Christianity but they still celebrate Christmas.

So they shortened it to Xmas which removes the religious part of the title.

Obviously nowadays I think people just use it because it’s easier and they don’t put much thought into it.

I could be wrong though, it could just be entirely a business thing :joy:

What do you guys think?



OMG, really? I’ve written it like that just as a shortcut, because I do believe in God and Jesus but sometimes, especially when texting, I don’t feel like writing out the whole word. :joy: :joy: My mom thinks it’s written Xmas because of the Greek word for Christmas, Xristouyenna.


This would be a rad reason! :joy: I was always just told in school that it was blasphemy to write it like that


I just found this: Most scholars agree that the first appearance of this abbreviation for Christmas dates to 1021, “when an Anglo-Saxon scribe saved himself space by writing XPmas,” reported First Things. Parchment paper was quite expensive, so any techniques for saving space were welcome. The abbreviation stuck and eventually was shortened to Xmas.

Looks like no one can agree what the actual source of “xmas” is…so, naturally, it’s all those reasons (the greek version, the non-religious, and the abbreviation)


So they shortened it to Xmas which removes the religious part of the title.

No way. That never occurred to me. Oh My- (Mind Blown)

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