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OK, so I find IQ quite interesting, as all things considered, it’s a good indicator of logical and mathematic intelligence.
It’s commonly known that an IQ above 140 is considered genius level, and a score from 85 to 115 is around average. Below that is below average, above it is above average, and so on.

So; how well do you think your IQ relates to your intelligence?
What is your IQ?
Do you know anyone who is close to an IQ of 140?
What is your opinion of the IQ scale?

Personally, I think that IQ is a pretty good indicator of intelligence, but it should not be the be-all and the end-all, as human’s are so much more diverse than that, especially as it doesn’t factor in other kinds of intelligence, just logical and mathematical.
My personal IQ is 136, and it was measured by both an education welfare woman as part of my autism assessment and also measured by my primary school.

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