Do beauty products make good gifts?

Yes, yes they do! Whenever I have to buy something for someone that’s the first thing that comes to my mind. I also love receiving beauty products as gifts!

Do you think beauty products make good gifts?

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I think they definitely can especially some really nice beauty products I don’t know it it counts as a beauty product but I love being given moisturisers! I wouldn’t know what to get for others though so I’d probably ask :joy:

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Of course they can, but the person who you’re gifting it to has to like beauty stuff

It depends on who it’s for. For some people, yes, but not for others

For me, yes, because it’s something I like and use often.

I think that as long as it’s a person who likes beauty products, it works well! I think that beauty products can also be really expensive to own a lot of, even if they’re fairly cheap by themselves, which makes them a good gift. For example, it would be super expensive to have a complete set of nail polish colors, but they’re fairly cheap individually so nail polish would work fairly well as a gift. I always worry about making sure that it’s a kind of beauty product that someone would actually be interested in, though

Yes, some beauty products can be fairly expensive so I think they make great gifts!


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Yeasss but only if the other person actually uses beauty products

They do, I actually have a storytime on this.

So on Christmas, my aunt gifted my mum an eye cream and a few more skincare products.
I have an app that tells you the ingredients of the products by scanning the code. So you know what you are actually putting on your skin. Well, me and my aunt checked them before giving them and it turns out they were scam. They were so so bad. So we had to go to mall last minute and find something better to gift.

If it’s someone that you know uses beauty products, then yeah, they make great gifts!

Only if the person who receives the gift uses beauty products. They would make as really good gifts because some beauty products can be pricey. Personally, I love receiving body soaps and lotions.

It depends on the person. For me, I’d love beauty products as gifts!

Yes they can only if you’re giving it to someone who uses beauty products.

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