Do commercials annoy you?

Commercials ahh… There is nothing more annoying than commercials. You know when you’re watching something you really like and then suddenly it’s commercials time? And it lasts for half an hour? Yeah, can that not happen, please?
Commercials are one of the main reasons why I stopped watching tv. I’m really not patient for that, it annoys me so much…

  • Do commercials annoy you, @ ScreenSloths?

Sometimes, yes. But when they show something funny or something meaningful or something we can relate to, then I like to watch the commercials :eyes:


Yeah, most of the time.


yeah, I just wanna get to the good part, I don’t care about how 15% could save me 15% or more on car insurance :cowboy_hat_face:




Some of them are, some aren’t depending on the content and the product they’re advertising

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Yes, it’s annoying. ;.;

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Not at all.
Unless it’s over 2 minutes.

Things like that kisses chocolate Christmas commircal.
Education connection

Gerber Life :joy::joy::joy:

“Help your kid get off to a good financial start”
The empire commercial :joy:
The :thinking: uhhhh
Ozempic, State farm
“How much stuff can you stuff in a stuffie if you stuffy stuff enough stuff”

I love them
It’s nostalgic.

I feel if I can last a few minutes watching it.
I will be ok waiting for the thing I was watching comes back on.

It’s different for others tho.

If there’s 1-3 commercials I don’t mind, but if they’re throughout the whole video then I just wanna :fist_right: :computer:

Sometimes they do and sometimes they don’t.
I don’t mind them really but when I get out of hand yeahh… not nice :no_entry_sign::relaxed: I’ll fume

I don’t mind most, honestly, especially on television because at least they give the break from drama or action going on that I need to wash the dishes xD they only annoy me in games (ads in most games are so disgusting-), YT (especially when there’s A LOT like do you want me to watch your content or- also when they show up at the start and lags Dx)

Though if a commercial shows up in the beginning, I just close the video and click the thumbnail again and we’re solved :star_struck:

but generally, it just depends on what kind of commercials they are. Some are entertaining, really, but some make me wanna burn the mall down :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

If the commercials are only a few minutes long, I don’t care, and I take that time to rest my eyes, stretch, or get snacks. If it’s any longer than that, I might as well do my homework, so at least I can pretend I’m productive. I usually pre-record my shows, though, so I can watch those recordings of them later and fast-forward through the commercials. >:D

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