Do Pets Like Music?

Oki, so, for this thread, I was just gonna ask a simple question ‘Do your pets like/listen to music?’ and then answer it myself. But then, I googled it for fun and found a few interesting stuff…

According to this website, dogs and cats are sensitive to music and can even understand pitch. Wowo, you might wanna start singing properly in the shower if you don’t wanna be judged by your cattos and doggos. :grinning:

I also found out that there’s a thing called zoomusicology, which is the study of the music of animals. I read a few stuff on there and it’s pretty interesting…

Even without all the “research”, (cough Google and Wikipedia cough) I’d say they do like music. Whenever my mom plays the veena (a classical Carnatic instrument), my cat likes to lay down and listen and go to sleep.

Anyway, do you think pets like music? (You have to yes, bro. There’s been some research and stuff…)

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My cat couldn’t care less, so long as she’s comfy. Haha

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I don’t even know XDD
My dog doesn’t react or anything but I remember going close to her while music was playing on my phone and she didn’t really care, she just wanted to play with me lol

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