Do real-life friends know about your RPing life?

Do your real-life friends know about your RPing life?

For me, absolutely no one in real life knows about this, I just don’t think they would really get it. If your real-life friends know about it, how did you explain it to them? Did they understand it, have they tried doing it? Do you talk to them about it regularly? Do they ask about it ever?


My family knows about it. It was easy to explain to my older sister since we used to role play without knowing what we were doing.

Most of them won’t get it and it doesn’t come up so like not really
My family does tho
My sister rps on Minecraft or something I still didn’t understand


a couple of my friends kno abt my stuff


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well my sister does because she’s nosey as hell and wouldn’t stop asking questions
My parents know that I be writing online but that is all I am willing to explain


Nope, and I prefer for it to be that way.

Oh, they do! And so do my parents!

Yeah I told them about it. They saw it more as a writing practice and expects me to be this great author :sob::gun:

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Two of my IRL friends know \o/

Friend #1: My close friend, Y, was the one who mentioned it first (surprise, surprise) a few months ago during a casual conversation because she was having trouble finding reference photos. She’s been RPing longer than I have and she’s grown into a wonderful writer whom I admire very much. Although she doesn’t know where I RP because I didn’t want her to find my old writing, I know her accounts so I can stalk her posts >:3 Since our initial conversation, she’s convinced me to join another forum with her, introduced me to some of her RP friends, and we’re planning on making an RP together sometime soon. c:

(h o n e s t l y I could continue gushing about her all day, it’s nice not having to hide this part of my life from someone)

Friend #2: She was the first one to find out! I’ve discussed it once or twice while we were on a call, so she know what it is, but beyond that, she’s clueless. :woman_shrugging:t2:

never letting them find the existence of this account, bwahahahah


My family knows, but that’s really it. A couple years ago I had a friend that knew though. I actually got her to start RPing, (though this was on the Episode forums and she ended up going inactive anyway) now there’s not really anyone that I know IRL that would be interested (or really much of anyone I talk to anymore still that I consider a friend.)

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Yep. My boyfriend.