Do we need love to be happy?

Do you think we need love to be happy? I feel like we can make our own happiness without having to rely on others for love. Now, that doesn’t mean that we don’t need love. That is a fundamental part of being human. You can create your own happiness and you can also find happiness from the love of other people.

How do you feel about this topic?



Self love maybe?


Well we need to understand that love isn’t just 2 partners being in a relationship with each other. I feel like a lot of people think: love = romantic relationship. Wich is simply not the case. There are so many forms of love such as friendship and the most important of all selflove. This is a love that ,at least that is how i see it, is required for you to be happy. Because how can you be happy if you really hate your self? Correct me if im wrong but i dont think thats possible.
So to anwser your question: if you mean that you need a partner in your life then i say no. You dont need that kind of love to be happy. But self love, you do need that


Very true, that is one form of it!

All very good points!

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Self love is very important.

You don’t have to be in a relationship to be happy. I’m single and happy!

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That is very true! I have no idea why I forgot the term for self love for some reason.

That’s a good question. The popular idea is you must love yourself before loving others. Loving your family and friends, is natural. I’ve broken my heart so many times I’ve stopped keeping track. Werther that be crushes or boyfriends…being taken advantage of isn’t pleasant. I play hard to get but in reality I’ve got a force field around myself…


^^^ This!


You need love, but you don’t need every single type of love.

Platonic love? Necessary for most people (not all)
Romantic love? not necessary but nice to have for those who want it
Self love? Very much necessary
Familial love? Helps a lot but not necessary (in the way that people can be happy even if they aren’t loved by their family, it’s just a lot harder to get there)


i think? idk i aint happy LMAO


yeah that

I see love as God. Jesus is God. Without love how can we forgive? How can we have patience without love?

It’s God who said to forgive them even if they’re don’t say sorry. He forgave them who put Him on the cross. He forgive the woman.

Hate does not forgive.Hate does not have patience.

If you’re say as partners, no. Which I grew up thinking I need to have a husband to be happy. God is teaching me that this mindset is wrong. All I need is God.

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