Do you and your group of friends have a name for your gang?🦋

Well my friend group in high school was something to do with a lesbian ant but the whole name doesn’t really translate well in English
So lesbian ant for short :sunglasses::ant::rainbow_flag:

What about you? :eyes:


Since when I got a gang? since when I got friends?




I- what about us :pleading_face:

Well, we’re a group of three masterminds and I called us “Trefoil” and then they just agreed so I guess there’s that? lol

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It’s not a gang, it’s a cult :star_struck: utensil cult


S.W.A.G or the Queertet.

I can explain that if anyone is curious.


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Group names r lowkey dumb
I refer to all of my friends as my minions

Gang gang is offended

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That’s fine.

We don’t have a name… but the group chat name before the one now was something inappropriate about someone in the chat, then he changed it to ‘Anything But The Previous Name’ and it’s been that way for about six months now.


In the past we had one, and it was called Omle Cult. Basically, we had this weird head cannon of demon Elmo so we, uh, joke-worshipped it? This sounds a lot weirder out loud. Either way, a lot of us came together because of it, and so the name Omle Cult stayed until we went our separate ways. Dr Suess who? There’s another one called Walmart, because we all know that’s where all Floridians live.


I thought we were talking about irl friends? Don’t worry I never forget you! :pleading_face:

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We don’t really talk anymore and the group has been divided into two parts now but we were the crackhead hour squad :cowboy_hat_face: chh squad in short :new_moon_with_face:

Last year my friend group from work was called English squad because we’re all English teacher’s.
One of them doesn’t work with us anymore, but the new member of our team is cool, too, so we’re still the English squad.

Aww :pleading_face:

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We don’t have a name for our ‘gang’, but our group chat’s name is really cliche; bEsT fRiEnDs fOrEveR


In 6th grade it was Batman Donut Squad. :eyes:

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