Do you avoid conflict?

A conflict is an active disagreement between people with different opinions. Do you try to avoid such interactions? Or do you think conflicts are important?

I have a class at university that deals with conflicts so I’m really interested in all that stuff. I think conflicts are important as long as they are regulated and all participants get to say and defend their opinion.


Although I do agree sometimes conflict is the only viable way to effectively confront a problem atm, I do tend to avoid it 98.99% of the time.


Most of the time but if somebody is being straight up stupid and making terrible decisions, I will call them out and set them straight or if they are actually to purposely piss me off, I will try my best to not push them down a flight if stairs.


I do agree with you but I avoid it all cost, don’t like it at all…
Even if someone is wrong I wouldn’t say anything and that’s bad but I just can’t


Conflicts should be handled in a civil manner where everybody is able to get their points across. Not everybody has to agree with your opinions but as long as you are able to get them across without being aggressive then I don’t see a problem. Obviously heated discussions can be quite unpleasent and stressfull which can just lead to an argument so ideally you should know when to stop and just take a breather before downright insulting the person. Obviously on this forum we have the “attack ideas not people” rule which is very useful in reminding people not to take disagreements personally. So no I don’t avoid conflict, I’m very set in my views and a friend of mine told me if I can’t fight for my opinion I shouldn’t have one so I don’t say anything without preparing myself to stand by it.


I get aggressive and really emotional easily, so it’s hard for me not to get into really bad arguments, especially when they’re listening to you but at the same time ignoring everything you are saying. If that makes any sense.


I have the same problem in all honesty :joy: but I also don’t think things through especially when I’m angry so ideally I shouldn’t get into any debates at all (but I do) I agree it is annoying when it seems like the person is ignoring your points. It annoys me more when people eye roll or talk over me though cause then I start getting mad. When I was in high school I used to jump up and down :joy:


Generally, do you avoid conflict?

  • Yes.
  • No.

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It literally makes the situation 10 times worse and their is a girl in my class who does it to me on purpose and I’ve literally been so close to hitting her and throwing paint at her but the only reason I haven’t is because they’re ate a few kids who want to see it happen and the thing is nobody likes her because she ignores everyone.


I prefer avoiding conflict, except for when I’ve had enough and just can’t hold back anymore… then I just keep on pouring out whatever is on my mind, and it’s like a roller coaster going downhill. I can’t stop because I’m so upset and I start letting my emotions control me.
But I don’t like confronting people or calling them out.


i dont avoid conflict
i believe that everything reaches the surface at one point and it is better sooner than later, if somethings bothering me ima let you know

avoiding conflict: flop
solving conflict: :sunglasses:


Nope, I jump feet-first into it. But I’m also quite sensitive and can easily get emotional


Sometimes I start the conflict.

Sometimes you just have to see them fall

Yeah! Like the person knows you right but still wants to piss you off.


i actually tend to start pointless arguments-
i said thats how i roll

i honestly just think that avoiding conflict is just blissful ignorance
yk like hey what doesnt kill you makes you stronger and if you arent taking any risks youre not going to gain as much

high highs and low lows yall

avoiding conflict means you arent stating your opinion
it means people cant hear you
so nobody will know you
if nobody knows what youre like at your worst, people dont know you at all


I don’t fully believe in avoiding conflict. Sure, sometimes it’s for the best but in general a debate can be very positive as well, as long as you respect each other disagreements can definitely be good… However, if I know something can cause serious drama it’s better to avoid it


I try to avoid conflict at all costs. Though if someone repeatedly is talking crap about me or seems to always have a problem with me, I’ll confront them politely. But that’s the most I’ll do


Interesting point of view. Never thought of it like that


If people don’t know you people can’t hurt you. (Me looking at it in someone else viewpoint).

Also I do agree with the first part. You aren’t stating your opinion which in most parts leads to people taking advantage of you seeing as you don’t speak out.

You learn the most about someone through a debate.


I’m also a believer in the fact that if I am not allowed to act a certain way or get away with a certain kind of behaviour then neither is anyone else and I will gladly tell people when I feel like they have crossed a line. I expect people to hold me to the same standards they hold themselves.


but if nobody can hurt you then nobody can help you either- RISKS MY G.(me staying in my viewpoint)
its better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all.

if you dont stand your ground its free real estate

and das on errything. (also i felt you when you mentioned jumping up and down lmao, im not past that yet :joy: )