Do you believe in hypnosis? - What happens to a person who is hypnotized?

So, this article goes over the various uses of hypnosis used in the medical field. This is still an uncommon practice since most doctors do not believe in its purpose. I do think it exists which is how some people have come out with better choices because of hypnotherapy which helps you open up to more choices in life. You are very much aware of yourself in the process. No, you should not use hypnosis for retrieving lost memories. That is a dangerous thing to try because the memories you bring up will most likely be a false memory. Also, messing with your memory is a very dangerous thing to do. You do not want to try any of this without a professional in the room. I mean a medical professional not some magician. Read the article to see how you feel about hypnotherapy and hypnosis.

Do you believe in hypnosis?
What happens to a person who is hypnotized?
Would you try it to see if it can help you get past decisions that are holding you back?



I do believe in hypnosis. And it is helpful if you do it for the right purpose.

Often the alcoholics are hypnotised to get them out of their alcohol addiction. People with depression, PTSD, anxiety, insomnia and other mental health diseases use hypnosis to treat themselves.


Yeah, I agree with you on those. They are all problems that deal with a mental aspect. If they can help someone in this way then I say keep the work up.

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I’m not sure I do but I still love to try it. I don’t know, I’m open to the idea.

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It’s definitely something to think about if you have a serious problem like a phobia or some mental block that is keeping you in a loop even.

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That’s true. Worth a try anyway.

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Hypnosis is such an interesting concept. Personally, I have no idea if/how it actually works, but the thought of it is interesting. It would honestly be interesting to see hypnosis in action first hand, either through seeing someone hypnotized, or even by being hypnotized.

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Totally agree! I have not seen it done either but I know it is possible because therapists do use it in order to deal with patients who can’t remember trauma correctly. Also, I completely forgot I was the original poster for this thread. 🤦

Yes, as long as it’s done by a professional

I don’t really know much about it so I have no good answer for this :sweat_smile:

No, I don’t think so. I want to try handling everything the normal way, not with the help of hypnosis

@Health Do you believe in hypnosis?

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