Do you believe in karma?

No, I don’t, but if it’s like “work hard for the future you want” then certainly yes. I believe in working hard. But if it’s paying the consequences of something else you did, I don’t really think so :thinking:

How about you?


I feel like I believe in it. I believe if you’ve done something wrong or hurt someone it will eventually come back to you later in life when you need something the most. For example, if you’re bullying a student in school and completely hate her for no reason, I believe there will be a time you will need her for something or she becomes a big star and it bites you in the back for what you did to her


I believe that what goes around eventually comes back around :grinning: how you treat the rest of the world is how the world will treat you. If you’re rude to others, you won’t get what you want. Everything is connected, even if not directly. However, good-natured people sometimes don’t get what they want and vice versa for bad-natured people :thinking: so maybe karma isn’t as strong as I thought


I do, I believe in it :relieved:


Hell yeah, I do. Karma doesn’t just mean bad, there’s also such thing as good karma. I believe that what you put out there is what you’ll get back. Heck — even I’ve gotten bad karma for my own actions that I well-deserved. I believe if you decide to give negatively, you will receive negativity. Maybe not right away, but you will eventually even if it’s in long term. I guess someone can argue that good people also go through stuff they don’t deserve, but I believe that’s the basic foundation of life. All life is difficult, there’s no such thing as perfect rainbows and flowers because having a hard life is what makes you be a better person. Karma helps you learn. But how you choose to confront your conflicts speaks of who you are, and I believe karma will repay you for your actions

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I believe in it

I believe in karma. I do witness evil people getting punished for their evil deeds. And I myself is getting punished as well. For those evil people who haven’t been punished yet, it’s not their time. That’s why you only do good deeds because life is a circle. “If you do good, good will come to you.”

Nah not really, while there may be “examples” of karma there are also plenty of people who get away with doing bad things without it ever coming back around.

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