Do you binge-watch all videos of one YouTube channel or did you ever do that?

I always try to do that especially to the really interesting ones. I usually watch: Alisha Marie, Daniella Perkins, Theellenshow, Justin Bieber, Billie Eilish, Tessa McGuire, Total Divas.

I don’t usually end up finishing all the videos on it but I try…

Right now, half of my tabs are random Youtube videos, I have 24 tabs opened of YouTube videos I want to watch :joy:



I do this with AmandaRachLee. I wanna start bullet Journaling on 2021

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I just checked her! I like her YouTube channel! :heart:

I usually binge one YouTube channel for a while until I watch one of my recommended videos then binge that channel.

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I binge watched the channels iberleezy and beyond creepy.

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I’m subscribed to a lot of channels so I just watch videos whenever they upload them but if I find a channel I really like I would binge-watch. I did that with Unus Annus and now I have to wait every night for their videos ahaha

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