Do you consider boiling an egg, preparing instant noodles, or toasting bread to be cooking?

Boiling an egg, preparing instant noodles, and making toast. Seemingly simple tasks that can be easily learned and yield delicious results, but do you consider them cooking? On one side, they involve basic knowledge about kitchen appliances. On the other, they only consist of a few steps. So, what do you think?


addition is still math so boiling an egg is still cooking:)


Yes I do it’s just simple cooking :tipping_hand_woman:t2:


Yes, of course

i mean, ig
but i don’t say im cooking when i do those things lol

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Well obviously
I mean if I do them I don’t say I’m cooking I say I’m making food but it’s technically cooking

it’s cooking

Oh yeah it’s cooking for sure! It may not be fine dining but you still need to prepare the food and do it properly.

Cracks egg into mouth


You cracked the egg bro, that takes preparation

Strength effort


Yes, because I would say that I was cooking if I was doing any of those things. However, if I said I was going to be cooking, it would probably refer to something more complicated than that…

I believe is cooking, maybe simple cooking?

Yes, because you’re still preparing food.

You still have to have a few skills to boil an egg correctly or toasting bread without burning it :joy: And it took a long time to learn how to boil an egg without getting that green colour on the yolk. And I’ve burned myself by preparing instant noodles when I was a kid so it’s not that easy :joy:
I just think there are some easy tasks for cooking and some more difficult ones. We can’t all be professional chefs!

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Yeah, so have I. My friends laughed at me when I told them.

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I had to make myself ramen because the cafeteria closed…

Nah, not really :sweat_smile: I can’t cook but I can do those things (For me cooking is preparing a full meal)

I don’t really consider this to be cooking, since actually cooking tends to involve a lot more steps. Especially something like toasting bread, where you’re literally just putting bread into an oven. Boiling an egg is more steps, but it’s still very simple. I would definitely consider making scrambled eggs to be cooking, even though it’s simple, just because it needs more attention than just a timer to make something edible.

I wonder what people think about making stuff from a mix and only adding something like water. Is that cooking?

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