Do you get along well with your neighbors?

I do.
There was a time during the first lockdown when I was angry, depressed, and negative, and I thought none of the neighbors liked me. So I kind of distanced myself from everyone.
But now that I’ve gotten to know everyone here a little better, I think most of my neighbors are pretty nice and friendly.
Obviously, my favorite neighbors are my relatives next door. :sunflower: :sunflower:

What about everyone else?
Do you know your neighbors?
Are you friends with any of them?
Do they do anything that annoys you?

I don’t speak to my neighbors. I don’t even know what they look like lol. I’ve lived here for about 3 years now and we’ve never once said hi. I think it’s because either socializing with neighbors is not common in the neighborhood I live in, or I suck at socializing. I don’t really know how people become friends with neighbors, like do you just walk up to them and start a convo out of the blue or something?

I would like to get to know my neighbors, but I think people are scared of us lol. In one situation, police showed up at our doors and all the neighbors were just awkwardly staring through their windows at me. Maybe they don’t want to talk to me idek

Edit: I mean – the most they’ve done was stare at me, but I’ve never had a good look at their face all I know is their skin complexion

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I think it’s more common in certain cultures on neighborhoods.
When I first moved into this apartment complex, I only knew my relatives and no one else.
Later, I started getting to know the families of kids that hung out with my nephews, and a lot of them began asking me to give their kids English classes.
Before the quarantine period, most of the neighbors didn’t know each other, but people began to get so bored inside of their apartments that they began going outside to the yard, and that’s when everyone began talking to each other.

I don’t. I mean, we get along if we have to, but I try to not talk to them :sweat_smile: Their cat often sits on our balcony so that kind of forces me to talk to them, but that’s it. I’ve never really talked to any of my neighbours.

I hope some people have better experiences with their neighbours? @Discussions


I don’t even know who my neighbours are :ok_hand:

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Uhhh one of my neighbors used to give me presents on my birthday because we had the same birthday but I was also like 7 and he is also like old-- and thennn my other neighbors are also old but have these grandchildren my age who come over 24/7 but I don’t really know them so like yeah I get along with them ig lmao

I know my neighbours but I barely talk to them. My mum talks to them often though. We don’t get along with our naighbours next door due to something they did to us in the past. :confused:


My neighbours hate me. :rofl::white_heart:

When my family went away for 4 days my neighbor gave me her number incase of emergency so I don’t think my neighbor hates me :joy:

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The couple that moved into the apartment next door where my nephews used to live aren’t friendly at all, they’re always having loud parties inside their apartment, and we hardly ever cross paths. What a letdown.

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