Do You Have a Dramatic - High/Middle/Elementary School Story?

So, I can gaurentee there has to be at least some people who go, or have gone to school ; and have experienced a dramatic/emotional/angry story that has happened to them when they were in school. If you do, reply! (If It’s To Personal I completely Understand.)

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I remember one time, when i was in a school, i was walking with one classmate, then suddenly she pulled me and then these two came out of nowhere and was fighting. if my classmate hadnt pulled me, i would have been in the middle of their fight





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I mean I once had to completely bitch out a teacher for being homophobic.

A friend of mine had recently come out and he used to hang around with me in the music department, where I spent a lot of my lunches. But he’d get special attention from one teacher in particular who used to spout this BS rule that ‘only music students could spend time in the music rooms’. Which was complete nonsense and we knew it. Plenty of non-music students spent their time especially in the recording booths because they were comfy, small and quiet.

Well, it eventually got to the point that she would patrol and would only tell my friend to get out of the music department, not even just the class. It eventually got to the point that I was missing out on practice because I’d rather spend time with him than in the music department.

It all came to a head when he was there while I was practicing for a test telling me about something pretty personal to him (I won’t divulge but it was pretty bad) and she stormed in, screaming at him to get out. She even said ‘you people’ a couple of times to him, and I don’t know if she meant gay people or non-music students, either way rude. I snapped and yelled ‘Get to fuck you fat ugly troll!’

Suffice it to say my music exams were a little harder now my music teacher hated me


Elementary school: Those years in my life was eh. I mean I was in girl drama more then anything like everyday. One time the principal (who was my aunt) called down every girl in my class (including me) except one girl because we were all in some huge fight :rofl: it was so funny to me because the teacher was just like:”All of them? Okay?” Then looked at all of us and was like:”Every girl in here…go to the office…”

Middle School: Those two years was the years I got crazy. :joy: I remember I was talking to this one girl and she took my now current boyfriend’s jacket. But then he was my friend. And she dropped it outside the library and I hurried up and picked it up. And he already went to his bus but I started to wear it,dance with it, and sniffed it. Then I left it on his locker but I guess it fell and the janitor picked it up but we didn’t know. So the next day me and that other girl spent all day looking for it because I guess it was reallyyyyyyy important, and the principal (who hated me) said we would just check the cameras but then I knew she would’ve saw me dancing with it so I was so embarrassed. But then the janitor came like right before we went into the office holding it and I gave it to him and he was like:”thank you so much.” And I just smiled and rumors went around that I stole it because I liked him and I just stopped liking him for the rest of that school year :joy::woman_facepalming:t5: And now we laugh about that whole thing and how I should’ve just told him my feelings in that moment so we could’ve skipped all the high school drama and we could tell our kids we’re junior high sweethearts.

High school: Drama is literally my middle name and it grew throughout my high school year. Junior year is full of most of my drama tho and yeah it’s amazing :rofl::woman_facepalming:t5: I got into a huge fight with my best friend and boyfriend for like half the start of the year and now things are finally calming down. But yeah I have a secret boyfriend from my parents sorta and yeah that’s really about it. Wait apparently my ex is coming back next year because he loves me and is claiming he’ll get me back so like yeahhh and my current boyfriend is just like hmmmm so yayyyy I can feel more drama for senior year :sweat_smile::persevere:


Elementary School: Mostly bullied. I snapped once in the 3rd year and kicked someone in the nuts. Then I got into an argument with a few people in my 5th year.

Junior High: Terrible. Drama was my middle name.

High School: It’s ok. No drama as of yet, except for over the summer when I almost cursed at one of my friends because she got mad at me.


Well she deserves a lot more in my opinion but I have so much respect for you, not only for doing that but also just for sticking with your friend all the way through. Like that’s the kind of loyalty and dedication in a friendship I need honestly.


That’s basically my experience. Except in high school apparently drama seems to follow me wherever I go or maybe that’s just me… oop, but it’s fine :joy::sparkling_heart:.


He’s still my best friend to this day, almost 7 years later so


In Elementary School, I stole this girls gucci keychain she got from New York and I got in trouble for it.

In Middle School, I had this boything I would make out with everyday until someone told a teacher- who came outside, stopped us, and told me I was going to be a stripper if I didn’t stop with that kind of behaviour :joy:

In High School, there was this hot guy who was obsessed with me and followed me around for 2 years until I switched schools (completely unrelated). It was great.


I’m not very problematic anymore. Or am I irrelevant? :thinking:

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The middle school one has me dead :rofl::rofl:


You are neither of those things queen :sparkling_heart:


elementary school - oh god. k-3 was boring. i was the teachers’ pet. 4th grade :skull: i was annoying as frjhjfnd honestly. still am but i hated… everyone? i had like 3 friends :rofl: and i was jealous because i was in the worst class. turned into a tiny bish then. 5TH GRADE- y’all lucky you didn’t know me. i was so entitled yet i hated myself? a guy and i ‘dAtEd’ then i broke up w him LMFAO DKHWEJD and my friends and i constantly got in drama. we made gc’s on and legit i got bullied by this bish who is now… someone i like talking to? life was confusing. my best friend threatened to kill herself, then another girl, then another girl, and- we got in trouble seriously all the time.

middle school - um. probably my worst years. but i was very problematic and dirty and got in the worst trouble i’ve been in 6th grade. my parents… were disappointed in my friend choice. then i lost my best friends. all of them. the people who literally stopped me from doing stuff that wasn’t able to be taken back. my entire impulse control. just… gone. was also going through some stuff with my family issues and i got diagnosed with depression, anxiety, and another form of ocd. and my mother and i’s relationship decreased because of my attitude and… now i’m a year older and my new friends are getting tired of the way i act so… my life is basically a teen movie! :yellow_heart: but isssss okayyy

not in high school yet, ya girl is sCaReD LMFAOO.


Elementary: Nothing dramatic, I was kinda a teacher pet…? Except one time I punched a kid because I was hangry.

I didn’t know at the time that I was hungry so I lied to the principal, I think.

I think my mom realized I was hungry, so she gave me a donut. :joy:

Middle School: Umh, a few stories here and there. Not as much drama as “ohmygod you cheated on me” or “ohmygod I can’t believe you said that Tiffany”, but it’s drama…? I think it’s drama lol. I can think of a few like:

  • I let my friends from my elementary school and my friends from the new middle school meet in 6th grade and I loved that they got along so well! But then around the end of 6th grade and 7th grade, I started getting jealous? Left out? Then I started getting more sadder by the end of 7th grade and then transferred to a new middle school.

  • A guy (A) “liked” me in 6th grade and kept talking to me and sometimes giving me small cute gifts (like this paper full of compliments about me, it was really sweet!) but then there was this other guy (B) who people said (In PE because that was the period they were both in) “liked” me and the guy A kept talking with him privately and somewhat shouting at guy B sometimes? Idk man, they both gave me valentine hearts and it was weird.

  • So in my new middle school, I made friends pretty quickly and they’re amazing people like how amazing my friends in my elementary school were! But since they’ve been at their school for longer than me together, I feel left out and sometimes I wonder why I bother trying when we’ll all be separated in High school besides from one friend. So now lately I just follow them in the back.

  • I have a guy best friend who apparently had a crush on me and my other friends shipped us? I rejected him because I couldn’t date and I didn’t like him like that because he’s like a brother to me. (Oml, it’s a episode cliché story, HE GOT BRO ZONED)

  • I yelled at the same guy best friend mentioned above and he went quiet. Long story short: I cried and didn’t talk with him the whole day and felt bad until we texted each other our apologies. We’re both bad at talking about our emotions seriously irl.

  • My friend got angry at my guy friend and avoided him (which also meant avoiding me because we were doing run day together) and I thought it was my fault (and slightly my guy friend’s fault only because she gets annoyed by him alot) and I cried because I wanted to help her at least somehow.

High School: N/A, silently crying to self about future in high school, gonna die RIP me


that whole thing is amazing wtf :joy::joy:


IKR, I was like dayum I was secretly a bad butt :joy:


yOu’Re An ePiSoDe BaD bOi


Oh hell no, give me the Holy Water, I don’t need that type of drama in my life, school wise or not, just no :joy: