Do you have any artistic friends?

Well, I go to the Academy of arts so I have a lot of friends, acquaintances, that do art! Obviously!
I have friends that paint, do illustrations, graphic design, make video games!! But my other friends, from high school, aren’t really artistic. They all like science, maths, physics and stuff like that… It’s funny because we all went to the same high school where those subjects were our “main subjects” and I absolutely hated it!

  • Do you have any artistic friends?
  • What kinds of art do they create?


They create voodoo magic.

Aka realistic portrait art.

Most all of my friends are artistic and it makes me feel bad about my art because theirs is so much better :pleading_face::green_heart::eyes::sparkles:

Most of my friends are artistic makes me feel bad because I’m not :nerd_face:

yes u are
ur a photographer


girl u asked the right forum

yeah my friend isi goes to art school shes such a bvtch tho

I go to a school with an arts program, so I do, in fact, have a bunch of artistic friends. I’m in the drama program, so most of my artistic friends come from there and they mostly do drama or musical theatre. I also have friends (both inside and outside of the arts program) who are musicians, dancers, and visual artists.

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I have so many artist friends. Though many would say that that was me, I’m not sure I see myself as one, at least not in terms of the talent I believe others have.

Do you have artistic friends, @Kiwi and @Secreterz, or are you the artistic friend?

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I am the artistic friend :eyes:

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Woo! Got any new art you’ve done?

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not recently, this is one from last month :eyes:


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WOW! I love this. Beautiful! What was it for?

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thanks! :relaxed:
inktober, i made a few drawings for a pinktober prompt list on insta :eyes:

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A few? (eagerly licks lips)

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