Do you have any friends who are obsessed with lollies (ex: Rem and Ram)?

So, as the thread says, I have a lot of friends that are obsessed with lollies. They have tried to make me obsess over them too but I really like them. They are cute but I’m definitely not as obsessed as they are but:

Here are some cute ones :pleading_face:


I couldn’t even posts those with a straight face :joy:


I like gothic Lolita

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Moved to the anime and manga section :wink:

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I like Lolita’s but I prefer the Gothic ones the most. They are less blinding and more aesthetically pleasing but that those not mean I’m obsessed with them. I just look at them once every blue moon and pass judgement then move on with my life.

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Added cute tag :sunglasses:

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I read that as cult.

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Hey @passionfruit, I haven’t seen this show, have you? Do you think I should give it go?

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