Do you have any paintings at home?

Any paintings at home you would like to share? It can be ones of your own creation or one bought for no real reason whatsoever but for aesthetic or furnishing purposes. Like, this painting for example. I have no idea when we got it nor when that burrow(?) punch mark thing came there… but it’s there.

Wall reveal


Only some own work, and one isn’t even a painting it’s just a sketch, haha, I’m more a picture than a painting person in decorations :eyes:


I have this painting my mom did in my room! Now I’m working on my art!


I think every house has at least one painting

My house is painting wonderland, my dad demands that we have a painting on each wall or the house feels ‘empty’. :eyes:

We have 2 in the living room :smile:

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that second one looks so prettyyy

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I’d live in that cabin for the rest of my life if I could :pleading_face:

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that cabin has such a nice view :pleading_face:

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I have a few paintings in my living room. :thinking::white_heart:

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