Do you have any supernatural/paranormal stories,

I’m really intrigued by these types of things, even if I’m really freaked out.
So what’re some of your creepiest paranormal/supernatural stories you have?

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I mean I’ve been on a ghost tour throughout Scotland, and it was pretty fun. Haunted castles, gates to hell, hotels, houses, etc. And like. There was the usual cold spots, weird noises, bumps and bangs, people feeling sick. All that.

I’m pretty sure the flat @ShanniiWrites and I are living in rn is haunted too, lots of weird nonsense there.

As for believing, personally I think it would be arrogant to say ghosts and spirits don’t exist, it’s just science we can’t grasp fully yet


I have a few stories that I might as well share. I mean, I made the thread.

My first one is back a few years ago. My brother and I were watching The Office in my room together at about 8 pm ( it was winter, so it was dark out ) when the power cut out. At the time, we were like, 8, so we didn’t have phones, so my brother used the light from his IPad to make our way through the house.
We were walking into my parent’s room and found our mother asleep in bed, so we left her alone and made our way downstairs.
Our mom was sitting on the couch, waiting for our dad to fix the power. We both freaked the hell out. It was pretty traumatizing for two 8 year olds.
Another weird part about this is that it wasn’t raining, none of the neighbor’s power went out—just ours.
It’s not like we were using too much electricity, since my parents were doing some work paper thing, and our sister was at a sleepover. It was just my brother and I using electronics.

The second story I have is about 4 years back—something like that. Anyways, our little sister was just recently born, and it was her first night coming home.
At 1 or 2 am, she started crying. It doesn’t seem weird, right? Well, checking the baby monitor showed that she was fast asleep—clearly she couldn’t have been crying. My older sister was fast asleep, my brother and I were in the same room, and neither of us were crying. My parents were confused af.
They didn’t tell us about it until we were older, but damn is that creepy.


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