Do you have to clean your own room?

Whether you actually do it or not, do you have to clean your own room? If you don’t, then who does?


Yeah, I think I had to do that myself since I was like 8 or so :upside_down_face:

I’ve been cleaning my own room (or try to when I have motivation) since I was eleven years old. My room is a mess, but at least i know where things are.

Most of the time I choose not to

At least I don’t have to clean my room because all of my piano stuff is on my floor. Including all the piano certificates as well

I do not have the willpower to… It’s a problem. But yes.

Although my mom will clean it sometimes which I don’t ask her to do or anything or encourage. I clean it occasionally when I find the willpower but it’s hard for me to do anything like that without getting incredibly drained.

Just wait until you have to clean an entire apartment or house later on. :rofl:

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It’s gonna be a literal dumpster fire for me. I’ll just shove everything into closets.

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I clean my own room because I don’t trust anyone that cleans my room in case they go through my things and interrogate me about it.

In theory, yes

However. I only get the motivation to do so about once a month and even then, I really only get as far as putting my clothes back in my closet before getting bored/tired

Me and my sister take turns since we share a room