Do you like movies about dancing?

Some dance movies are really well known, others not so much. Do you like movies about dancing?


I really like the original Music Man, but that’s a musical, not truly a movie about dancing. It’s more about trains than it is dancing.

Dirty Dancing, Flashdance, Save the Last Dance, Black Swan, Center Stage, a plethora of Step UP movies, Feel the Beat…the list goes on and on and on.

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Dirty Dancing, Honey, Save The Last Dance and Step Up! :star_struck:

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There’s a horror movie I love called Suspiria, that takes place in a dance studio type thing, kinda like a dance studio people sleep in? Maybe it’s a dance school but either way there’s a lot of dancing, I wouldn’t say the film is about dancing it’s more about the main character, a dancer, who notices something weird going on.

I love them, most of them. They’re just so cool and the actors are often really talented!