Do you like playing single-player tabletop games?

There are plenty of tabletop games you can play by yourself, like solitaire and Yahtzee!

Do you like playing tabletop games by yourself?
Which games do you think work best to play by yourself?
Have you ever played multiple different parts of a game to be able to play a game properly but still by yourself?

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Not really…

Maybe patience on cards.

Maybe when I was younger.

Depends on what kind of board game we’re talking about.

For example, puzzles are fun to play alone. It’s really time consuming and a great way to kill time, especiallu during this period.

There isn’t many, maybe Simon Says, Jenga, and Lego.

I don’t remember? Even if I do, it was a long time ago?

@Gamers do you feel lonely when you play single player tabletop games?

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I mean
I’d end up playing by myself when my brother gets bored :joy:

Actually there was once this one player game where you had different colour and shaped blocks, so red and yellow, then you had to make what was on the pictures on the cards. I miss that game :disappointed_relieved:

I never liked playing single-player tabletop games :sweat_smile: Single-player games on my phone are fun, but tabletop games are too boring for me

@Gamers What about you?

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