Do you like to cook alone or with other people?

I usually only cook with my mom, so cooking isn’t much of a social activity for me.

I think it would be fun to cook with others, but it would have to be people who aren’t going to judge how you cook, like some aunts who have a very traditional way of cooking and want to order everyone around. It happened with my mom’s cousin once… I was cooking something in her kitchen but since it wasn’t the way SHE makes it, she just kept interrupting and trying to make me do things her way. That was pretty stressful, to be honest.


I don’t like to cook but when I have to make something for myself I like to be alone. Having people around me just irritates me :joy:

Oh 100% alone, I like things to be done my way and people tend to get in my way which frustrates me and puts me off. Even if it’s just buttering toast I find it annoying if someonw comes into the kitchen.


Alone. I like to be in control of what happens to my dish.


ALONE. cooking with other people makes me stressed and annoyed and i do pre good by myself BUT ONCE SOMEBODY WALKS INTO MY GODDAMN KITCHEN IT ALL GOES TO HELL
idk the sharp knives in there light a fire in me lmao

istg just thinking about it makes me mad
in home ec, we had to have 2 people cooking together cos theres alot of us so there had to be a chef and their assistant and then the other two ppl who should have nothing to do with kitchening are always all up in everyone’s business and I HATED IT i hated it i hated it
when i was head chef i would always send my assistant away




quote unquote she literally hated me
but she never knew wth i was talking about and it made me mad!

it’s okay tho cos we’re close


alone because people try to boss me around the take control of my food. and cuz me and my sisters always fight in the kitchen.

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I love cooking for more people, not with more people

It’s more fun having people comment on and enjoy the food you make :smile:

But yeah, too many cooks in the kitchen spoil the broth :eyes:


I don’t cook, but sometimes I am pulled in to assist with dinner.

But I do bake. I do much better alone. Although baking it can be fun doing it with someone else depending on who they are and what’s being baked. Although, I always have some help with putting stuff in the oven and taking it out. Cause I don’t like the oven…

People frustrate me so . . . alone. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Especially if I was given the option to cook with my sister — yeah I’d rather cook myself in a boiling pot of water. :eyes:


I prefer to cook alone because that way I don’t have people judging me. If I were to have anybody in the kitchen while I’m cooking then I’d pick my cousin 'cause she’s so patient and actually helps me understand rather than making me feel stupid.

When I’m baking I love baking with another person but the person has to meet my standards or else I bake alone.


I prefer cooking alone or with at most 1 other person, because otherwise it just gets crowded.

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With other people so I can talk to them and not be bored by myself.

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I wish I could cook alone, but I end up burning stuff. :pensive::white_heart:

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I prefer cooking alone, so that no one will disturb my cooking and I can do what I want :slightly_smiling_face:


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The only person I would ever cook with is my dad because he is an amazing cook. But I am very particular in what I do and I hate when I have someone standing over me yelling at me what to do, even though I’m doing it right, just not their way

Still a no from me!

My answer still remains the same…

I don’t cook