Do you like to have a picture of how your character looks, or do you leave it to the reader?

I’m extremely visual, so I want readers to know exactly how my characters are supposed to look. That’s one of the things I enjoy the most about writing on Episode… the ability to design my characters the way I actually picture them. Before that, I’d use pictures of actors or models to show the readers how I pictured my characters. Or even drawings, in the case that I couldn’t find the right actor to represent someone.

What about you?


I have a picture in my head but the reader can create their own based on the description.


If I ever write a story I’d like my readers to have some kind of a picture of the characters. I don’t know… I’d just want us all to be on the same page

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I have a picture in my head but I never go too deep into any descriptions unless it’s super important for the story. E.g. in the last story I wrote, it was important to show that the MC notices the LI’s eye colour, so I mentioned it from the beginning, but her own eye colour only gets mentioned veeery late in the story because that’s when the LI paid attention to it.

@Writers What about you?

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I am extremely blunt and specific about their looks, and I even illustrate a lot if my own books!

I try to describe as much as possible in the stroy or whatever I write. I do have a sketch of the character for myself but I wouldn’t show it to the readers, unless it’s required

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i normally have a very distinct picture (or several) of each character, but i only mention a few key details and move on because i literally hate writing exposition so unbelievably much. normally just like the things that tell you something important, or something odd about that character so theyre defined and easy to separate from one another or whatever. Also sometimes my brain decides that there is one thing about a character’s appearance that everyone has to know so that’ll worm its way in somewhere. at the moment im mainly writing 3rd person but following a specific character, so i’ll only mention what that specific character would notice about whatever ive been writing for too long and im just repeating myself im bored now so im gonna post bye