Do you miss the Wattpad Forums?

I was never on them, so I certainly don’t know what I would even be missing. However, I know that people here were on those forums, so I think it’s something we can definitely discuss.


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Yes! I was on them since 2013 (if they were around then…?) and I saw all the inceptions of them leading up to the most recent big update in 2017 or 2018 (I think?). I knew even then that they were bound to all go downhill from there.

I spent a lot of time on there (7 years worth!) so I miss them a lot :confused:

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What do you miss most from the Wattpad Forums? @WattpadWizards

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To be perfectly frank: How big they were. There are new communities that give you the same thing, but they’re very limited by their small size. IYW threads get very stale when few people post in them (not that they weren’t stale to begin with) and self-promotion is next to impossible when no one checks the genre SYS threads :frowning:

That aside, I miss the old forums before WP decided to move them to a separate platform. They were a mess, true, but they were also infinitely more lively >.<


Uh… i only went on there a few times, so, not a lot.

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Literally all of this. Forums were the lifeblood of the community, imo. Now we have no way to connect with new people/other writers or promote our stories. Personally, I enjoyed talking to random writers/readers. I basically lived in IYW xD

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TBH, I don’t miss IYW all that much. The discussion was on a really vapid level, with questions so broad and generic it was hard to say anything constructive. Should I ask a question myself, I’d usually get extremely vapid replies, too. And that’s before we mention the hundreds of ‘can someone please write my stuff for me?’ threads :wink:

Though granted, it was a great way to self-promote. I guess IYW was more of a writer-oriented chatroom than anything :wink:

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