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I’m scared about Roe V Wade being repealed. What’s going to happen now? What about the LGBTQ+ community?

Try to think of ways you can change it! Or think why would he/she be repealed! Think of ways to change people’s minds about the LGBTQA+ community! :rainbow_flag:

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It’s a bill, actually.

I can imagine that worries you yeah. I honestly never expected the US to give up the right on abortion. If that can happen, it feels like anything that’s slightly progressive can be made at least way more complicated. LGBTQ rights are one of the things that are expected to get worse next, and yeah, that must be scary. In general to me it sounds like things are moving back like 25 years or something, why is it so difficult to just allow people to be whoever they are and make the decisions that are right for them… Just because some judges have very conservative values, a lot of people will have to suffer now, and potentially many more in the future…


Especially being queer myself, I’m rather worried.

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Makes sense yeah, if I would live in the US I would be pretty worried as well. Let’s hope the situation won’t get worse for the LGBTQ community, as nothing is confirmed or certain yet… Tho I have to admit, it doesn’t look too positive at the moment

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All we can do is hope at the moment.

And stay positive!

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Yeah, not gonna happen.

If you don’t stay positive, you’ll feel even worde

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It’s pretty hard for me…

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I’m a natural pessimist. Sorry.

I’m both

I’d be surprised if there’s a person out there that’s not anxious about anything rn considering the current situation of our planet xD but me being my selfish self, I’m more worried about picking something to study at uni because it’s not like feeling anxious over any of the current world problems is gonna help solve them lol

Your not selfishnj

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I guess self centered is a more accurate way to describe me? Because tbh you’re kinda right about me not being selfish, but it’s just that my priorities aren’t very world oriented or large scale so I feel like I’m being selfish sometimes by trying to prioritize my own problems first lol

No ine’s selfish

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