Do you prefer slow or fast combat in games?

Recently I’ve been playing Bayonetta again, specifically Bayonetta 2 and I was thinking of how much I like the really fast combat. Then I started thinking of Witcher 3 which has slower and heavier combat than Bayonetta (nowhere near Dark Souls 1 heavy) and came to the conclusion I still really enjoy the Witcher 3 combat despite it feeling and being completely different.

The quick flowing nature of games like Bayonetta and even Kingdom Hearts can be extremely satisfying. But games like Witcher 3 can also be satisfying in the sense of learning when to dodge, roll and attack.

I honestly can’t pick a favourite!

@Gamers can you guys think of which one you prefer?

Or list examples of games with slow and heavy combat?


neither. i would just spam the buttons then lose :pensive:

Both like for example like on call of duty on mobile has a fast attack where you don’t know if you are undead or survival.

For a slow combat pubg new state is battle royal is really slow because you don’t know where the other player are but lucky you can run over them with a car .

fast paced is a million times more stressful but i dont like slow either :smiley: button mashing and easy mode every time :+1:

i prefer turn-based because i am in recovery my brain does not work that fast honestly it probably never did i am stressed out so easily my god lmao

I like to slowly get used to the combat style, slow gets boring after i know all the moves and what I do so fast becomes much more fun. Especially if there are like reasons you want to go fast like the monster regenerates their health if you’re not moving quick enough!

And thus you win
Turn based games are honestly my favourites but even then I prefer ATB

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Tbh I need to add on that I just like well designed combat systems generally I love fast combat but Nier: Automata did not click with me

Silly past me thinking that playing a game once and struggling meant that I wasn’t good at the game

Automata is fine, the tutorial is just the game setting up it’s own terms and not giving you a save point until after fighting a genuinely hard boss