Do you skip pages while reading?

If I’m reading a book I like I would never skip pages, but when I was in high school I did this all the time :joy: I’d never start reading on time so I had to skip pages if I wanted to finish the book… don’t procrastinate, okay?

@Bookworms, Do you skip pages while reading?


Only if I didn’t like the book and only in Primary school because I was a very advanced reader (if I may say so myself) so the books I wanted to move onto (we had to have a reading book) were considered too mature (we’re not talking 50 shades btw) so I ended up being stuck with some boring books that I didn’t have the attention span for

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I’m guilty ad I have a explanation :pensive: If it’s just random plot I will skip it-

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I don skip pages.

People skip pages while reading? How would you understand the storyline? lmao


only text books lmaooo

I never skip pages but I do skip paragraphs if I’m skimming or the book is just real boring. I mainly do this with teacher-assigned books

I do it when I’m reading lengthy text books. Sometimes I don’t have enough time to read through all of pages so I just skim through it or only read the chapter summary.

But with other types of books, I don’t usually skip unless I’m checking out that book while I’m at the bookstore. I’d read a few paragraphs and then I’ll buy it if I liked it enough.

Never in a fictional book BUT ALWAYS did in my school text books. HAHAHA.


Similar to Cali, never when it’s not important, and always when it is :sparkles:

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I only do this when I’m searching for some kind of information in a scientific book, not when I’m reading novels or anything like that :joy: Why would I skip a page if it’s interesting? :smile_cat:


Okay, I thought I would never do that but… If I’m reading a book and I don’t like it as much, I do tend to skip some lines, but never pages!

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