Do you study for online exams?

Do you study for online exams?
Do you have to turn on your camera when you’re sitting for your exams?
Do you find it stressful than normal exams?
Have you thought of cheating?

We don’t have online exams here so I’m curious on how was it conducted!


We don’t have that, only projects for now and when we do have our final exams they won’t be online

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Not really not anymore i have one tomorrow- :grinning:

Yeasss or else the teacher can kick out of the zoom meeting-

I used to but not anymore :star_struck:

Ofcourse who hasnt- i even do it :star_struck::grinning:



Duh! If we don’t our teacher will give us a 0


You mean you haven’t? :star_struck:

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Used to

Yep although it’s not all the time we have interactive classes


Yes! A lot! :smirk:

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Pfft no I cheat :sunglasses: jk sometimes I study but barely

Welp I have to since it’s mandatory

Honestly yes because of the time

Yes always


Yeah. Or else my mum will disown me :star_struck:

No. Some people don’t have that much of a stable connection. Sometimes the video just freezes or someone gets disconnected unexpectedly. I once sat for an on-camera test but after the test I realized that nearly half of my data had run out. So our school decided to not do on-camera tests (but parent’s invigilation is required so :grinning:).

Kind of? I feel more stressful under my mum’s gaze than the teachers in school. Plus, there’s always the fear of getting disconnected (and it leads to wastage of time that you can put to solving questions).

Yeah. But I haven’t done it. I think of doing it but at the end I realize it’s not helping me anyway so I leave it. It’s better to score low or fail rather than resorting to unfair means and having that afterwards “fear” of getting caught.

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I am jealous :weary:


D*mn my parents encourage me to cheat because they know i dont study so liek atleast i can get good grades- :grinning::grinning:


Yes, but sometimes I don’t because I’m too lazy.

Nope. Our exams are time-pressured, but we don’t have to turn on our cameras all the time because some of us don’t have a stable internet connection.

In a way, yes because I’m afraid of power outages in the middle of an exam. This is why teachers often extend online exams longer compare to their usual amount of time during physical classes.

I’ve done it a few times. But I don’t consider it as cheating. We call it “collaboration”. Heck, even some of teachers encourage it in order to help those who are struggling to keep up with online classes. But they don’t condone it when it comes to big examinations.


For some of them, yes, but not like I would for normal exams. That’s because the exams are different as well. We used to only have to know definitions or names of famous people but now we learn stuff and need to use that knowledge in situations given in the questions. We are allowed to use the material we get from the professors.

We have to turn the camera on for some exams but not for all of them, so I keep it off most of the time.

I think it’s less stressful because I can just write my exams in bed :joy:

I haven’t just thought about it… :joy: But ever since they allow us to look up stuff during the exam, cheating isn’t really necessary anymore

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I dont study in general :sweat_smile:
My brain doesn’t work like that. Home is for home stuff, and I can’t rlly transition my brain properly once I’m home cus that’s home. I do my homework in between classes

very awkward

Not rlly. I think that’s more because I know that if things go wrong that I’m at home (again lol) and idk just feels more familiar, the noises aren’t as bad (usually cus I scream at everyone beforehand to shut up but that’s not the point~) and stuff like that

Yea lol
I did it once I think, when I was stuck on a question and stressing myself out loads over it. It wasn’t a huge test, just somethin for the teacher to track our progress, and the reality was I knew the answer I was just freaking out a bit for reasons. so yea lol

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