Do you tend to judge books by their covers?

When seeing a story being promoted, how does the cover factor into your decision to check out the story?

I, personally, tend to look at the covers of stories when they’re promoted to see how the cover presents the story and see the care that the author put into the cover as somewhat of a reflection on the story.


Haha yeah, if the quality of the cover is bad, I wont read it. If the cover is not something I would like, I wont read it. But i should stop doing that though :joy:

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It does affect the way I see that story, same with book covers at the bookstore. But I guess I don’t mind that too much, knowing how hard it can be to find someone to do a cover for you and how hard it can be making it yourself. And I do agree with you, about the care that the author put into the story!

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On episode or wattpad even if the cover was poorly drawn/edited I wouldn’t suddenly not read the story. Sometimes the writing would be great but the cover wouldn’t be quite up there and that’s fine. Especially on platforms like that I’m not looking for a masterpiece.

With this said I do like rad covers. :joy:

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I think that I tend to personally check out stories by their titles more than their covers, however a really bad cover will make me less interested in the story.

@Bookworms and @Writers ~ what do you think?


Kinda both. I judge on description, title and cover.


It… Depends. When buying a book in the bookstore, I tend to be very wary. I read a lot of sci-fi / fantasy, which tends to have fantastic covers… That more often than not say nothing of the quality of the book :expressionless:

When reading online, I actually pay a lot of attention to the covers. A very poor quality cover often means that the author is not invested in the story - if they can’t be bothered with it, they often can’t be bothered with their writing, either. On the other hand, if a cover is a stolen copyright image, I drop it immediately. I have too many artist friends to condone art theft.

Authors who made their own cover - or commissioned one from an artist - get a definite head start with me, though. It show clear effort and investment in their work, which makes me want to appreciate it :slight_smile:

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I first look at the title, actually. I judge more on the title especially when it’s from Wattpad or other online writing platforms; however, the book cover does affect my interest at times. I believe that the book cover reflects/low key summarizes what’s in your story, and also sets the atmosphere or the mood of the book right when you open it.

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If it looks terrible, then yup.

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Hard not to be triggered by extremes, awful or fantastic, but as a rule I’ll make a rapid decision based on the initial paragraph or two of writing. It is a book after all !

not really! but sometimes my eyes burns when I see a hideous cover but what matters is the summary and what inside the book that matters.

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