Do you think being a fashion model would be an interesting or enjoyable career?

I did a little bit of modeling when I was a kid, and I took modeling classes, and even though it’s kind of fun and glamorous, I wouldn’t like to be a professional model.

First of all, you’d have to be on a strict diet in order to stay thin.
Second of all, it can be very uncomfortable standing under hot lights without moving for hours, sometimes wearing uncomfortable clothes.
And in order to do runway modeling, you have to be a certain height. I got rejected from one modeling school when I was 13 because I was 5’0, and they were only accepting girls that were over 5’5.

Would you ever consider modeling as a career choice?
Have you ever done any modeling?
Do you think it might be fun?


I don’t think I’d enjoy it, because I worry too much about my figure


I think I’d enjoy it. And I have been thinking about becoming one too. Well, diet and stuff can work for me and I have done a bit of modelling.


If there was no dieting or weight-management I have to do, sure. :eyes:


This is something I like to think about a lot ahahah
I don’t think it’s perfect, it’s far from it. You have to be on a diet, watch what you are eating, stay in shape… I think it completely depends on the person. It can be stressful and hard but I would personally want to experience that.
When I was younger I always dreamed about being a model. I was also into photography since I was really young. I loved being in front of the camera and behind it, I just loved it and still do. I love having ‘photoshoots’ and dressing up, whoever follows me on insta knows I like that. But I’m not pretty enough, I’m not built for that, my body is far from perfect so I could never be a model.


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And in my opinion the modeling itself can be fun
But the modeling industry is really a sh!t industry in many ways and I just wouldn’t want to get into that in the first place

I guess? I dont really know

Nahh its not really my cup of tea sm but if i ever get a chance to then maybe-

It can be but i feel like i’ll probably waste all of my time thinking/ getting anxious about my looks and i dont want it-

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Modeling could honestly be a lot of fun if done right. Personally though, I wouldn’t be that interested in a career as a fashion model. I’d be more interested in the fashion design.

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I definitely don’t think I’d enjoy it :thinking: It would put a lot of pressure on my appearance, which I definitely wouldn’t like, and I don’t enjoy being on camera

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Like i said before, it can be enjoying but still i dont think i’ll do it because it can be stressing

@Discussions, what do you guys think? :star_struck:

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It’d be fun considering I’m cute and smol but also hot if I wanted to be. But as a career idk, I’d rather do something that Involves my brain

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I have considered it, but it doesn’t sound fun. I’d just get bodyshamed and critized. Modelling is about how tall you are, how your walk is, how good you are at posing, and how good you are in front of the camera and thinking on your feet, but people only see your appearance when there’s a lot more to modelling.


Maybe at first. Striking poses and getting your picture taken, and the camera person encouraging you, but then you’d start to see the dark side. You have to stay thin, your skin has to be smooth, you have to be pretty- if you aren’t you have to get plastic surgery. You have to be a diva, have an attitude, have a persona that you play so often you become that persona.
While with men, it’s similar. Have to have a six pack, good skin, be handsome- if you aren’t you have to get plastic surgery or get kicked to the curb because society hasn’t rapped their head around the fact that men can and do get plastic surgery as well. While it may be harder for men to get gigs because they are men, they aren’t as critized for their looks.
It’s all about your appearance, not how you truly are.

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Nope. I would feel uncomfortable when my image is out vulnerable in media.

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Nah. It’s not really my thing and I don’t think it would be a very successful or rewarding career. I’m too short anyways :pensive:


I do not think it would be very fun. I would constantly be under pressure to look a certain way. I wouldn’t really get to choose the clothing I had to model and people would probably make fun of me all the time. I also don’t have enough confidence to be a model

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Personally, I don’t think it would be fun. Modeling might deplete my self-esteem. I also love my body the way it is so I don’t want to feel like I must go on a diet in order to satisfy a company or someone else

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