Do you think characters are more important than the story?

I will admit this is a hard question to go over because the answer is different depending on the platform of the story. For instance, platforms like Episode rely more on character development then description since they are a visual story. Then you have Choice of Games who are text based stories that rely more on story development and character development. To me, I think having the character’s personality jotted down is important since you will be writing your story around that character or characters in your stories. This question can go either way depending on your methods of writing.

Do you think characters are more important than the story? Why do you think that?



I agree.

I won’t say characters are more important… It’s 50/50 for me.
Both character development and story development is important in my opinion. :ok_hand:t6::100:


I feel the same way about it too. I have to have a balance of both in my stories.


:100: Correct


Yea, both are equally as important as I’m sure we don’t want to read a story with a dull a*s character, nor do would we want to read one with a dull plot. I love to see the mc’s personality grow throughout the story (yass slow burn fan ova here), so i think both are very important.<33


Yes, like the others said, both the story and the characters are important. :eyes:


well, if a plot is amazing but the characters are terrible, I’m not going to read the story :eyes:

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Totally understandable!

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I think the story is more important because, in a bad story, good characters don’t really make a difference. But in a great story, you probably wouldn’t really notice mediocre characters.

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