Do you think hosting a contest to promote your story is a good idea?

I’ve never tried anything like that, but I have been considering doing a character contest for readers to appear in my story. I’m thinking of having all the readers that can figure what each chapter title is based on can have the chance to appear in my story… maybe 3-5 characters, or something like that. But I want to wait until I have more readers.

Have you ever hosted a contest to promote your story?
Would you ever consider it in the future?

I’m planning on trying this in a few months with my story on Tapas. I’ve seen other authors do this and some were successful, others weren’t. I guess you really need to have a certain amount of active readers already so they can spread the word about your contest

Okay, I can now say that a contest didn’t help me to promote my story :sweat_smile: Maybe it’s more an extra event to keep the readers engaged? At least it didn’t work for me. Maybe it did for someone else?

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