Do you think some art has a hidden meaning? ✨

I’m sure that I’m not the only one who had to find the hidden meaning in an artwork in school. To be honest, I always doubted that there really is a hidden meaning in most of the stuff we “analyzed”, mostly because it was boring for me to try to find one… :eyes::sparkles:

So what do you think? Does some art have a hidden meaning?
Can you give us an example of an art piece with a hidden meaning? :eyes::sparkles::green_heart::smiley_cat:


i think some art has a meaning in it. some artists depict there art with emotion. some of my art has emotion or a ‘meaning’.

i mean art can be whatever you want.

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There are a lot of paintings that have meaning behind them! If I got the question right, here are some examples :joy:

Both Salvador Dali and Gustav Klimt use certain symbols that represent female or male energy.
A lot of artists went through some trauma that made them paint things… unconsciously? I don’t think Caspar David was one of them, but he lost his brother at an early age and would always include him in his paintings. Because of it, he was afraid of death, and his painting kind of represent that.
I guess a lot of people know Rene Magritte and his painting Lovers? If you don’t look it up real quick. It looks normal, right? I mean, except that white cloth covering their faces?
Trigger warning about drowning. When he was younger his mom drowned and was found with her white dress covering her face. That obviously affected him but he used it in his art.


Nearly all art has a meaning behind it. You might have done it witbout noticing it, or subconciously. Whether if it’s related to you or the surroundings, or your feelings, most art has meaning behind them, or else, you wouldn’t draw it in the first place.


I notice you are such nerd when it comes to fine arts :joy::two_hearts: omg, I honestly admire that sm though! I wish I knew even a little bit about art rather than mainstream with my basic self :crazy_face:

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Ooops, well I have History of art as a class so I have to know everything :innocent:

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Ooh, do you genuinely like learning stuff or do you have to?

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I guess I like it! It can actually be really interesting!

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I definitely think that art can have a hidden meaning. Art’s primary meaning tends to be aesthetic beauty, although things like modern art try to challenge that. Although some things are just made for that purpose, such as songs written to be catchy or art designed just to look nice, a lot of art has a different purpose. Especially long pieces of art, such as whole musicals (yes, they count), can tackle many different meanings and certainly have more hidden meanings that what immediately comes to the surface.

Does your own art sometimes have a hidden meaning? :eyes::green_heart:

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I believe art can sometimes have a hidden meaning, but I for one just draw… to draw. There’s no hidden meaning and it’s meant to be taken at face value, and that’s okay too. Art doesn’t need to have one to be good.

@Artists What’s your feeling on the subject? Do you have hidden meanings in your art like Duckling asked? :eyes:

Art is a form of self expression :star_struck:

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