Do you think technology can be faulty and unreliable at times?

I definitely think it can, especially because it happens all the time with online school. Kids lose connection during class, they can’t hear anything, they become frozen on the screen, their camera doesn’t work, etc. Sometimes, Internet connection can be slow, or it goes out during a storm.

What do you think? Have you had any experiences with faulty and unreliable technology?


Yes, it can. Especially Zoom, I can get kicked out of there a lot

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Definitely, even machines can be faulty at time, especially when it’s old.
My tablet hangs a lot lately, probably because it’s old. :eyes:

Yes, it can be faulty but that’s the humans’ fault. We create technology so if it’s not working properly, someone made a mistake. That can happpen, because humans often make mistakes :smile_cat:

@Discussions Any other opinions?

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haha yes, anyone who had to edit for 3 days straight should know. Those times you spend hours working on something and all of a sudden the auto-safe doesn’t work and it crashes. Anyone know the pain of 8 hours of work gone because of an error?


I feel you there. Understand this.

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