Do you think we need laws against racism?

I think we need laws against racism because it can really mess up with someone’s mind and wellbeing and physical health. If there are laws against racism, then there will be a lot less racism in the society because there is an actual law about it. Some people may disagree with me because some people won’t follow the rules and it might not be as effective to some people in the society.



I think it really depends on the law. Protecting people from racial discrimination? Absolutely, that’s really important. But I don’t see how a general law about racism would work


Racism is obviously bad, but a law about racism would get really confusing really fast. To what extent is racism considered racism? A lot of people disguise racism as hating a person for what they do or say, so there’s no actual way to know the intent behind it. And is it just racism towards people of African descent, or towards anyone? A lot of people don’t believe in racism towards white people, so you’d have to specifically outline that in the law. In a perfect world, this law could work, but I don’t really think that’s the case.


One of the biggest things for me is if the laws would get enforced that much and if people would find loopholes in the system and laws. This is kind of related to more of the legal system, but there’s this show where people reveal their addiction that’s illegal and some were able to get arrested multiple times, but they never got really in trouble until the like 53rd time.


There shouldn’t be a law, there should be common sense and proper education


No, not really. It would be really hard to enforce, and from what I here, loopholes would be found. Like Faith said, we need to educate people on racism more.


I mean it depends. I think there should be more laws protecting minorities from getting literally killed by police or anyone else frankly. But I don’t think you can put a law on racism as a whole… just like you can’t really put a law on bullying.


There already are laws against racism. What makes them ineffective is systemic racism. Systemic racism isn’t a racist law or a racist policy OR an absence of laws, it’s just the fact that people in power know that they can get away with racism, which is abuse of power, which is already illegal. Also, what laws against racism are we talking about?


Ideally it sounds good, but would it really do anything?
It’s like littering. There’s a law against it, people break it, but nobody goes down for it. It’s not like a cop is gonna be listening in to every conversation waiting for someone to be racist.
Plus, being offended from racism is preceptive when you think about it


I don’t think laws against racism would be required. Rather there should be adequate legislative backing for Right To Equality.

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