Do you wish for less ‘small talk’ and more ‘big talk’?

Do you wish for less ‘small talk’ and more ‘big talk’? Why or why not?

I wish for less small talk to be honest because it just creates a good while of time wasted on speaking about something insignificant and not something reletively important. It became the starter of any communication with a person around where I’m at and it doesn’t really go any further. Not that fun or much of a brain worker. Just creates impatience.

What about you? @Discussions?

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Depends on the topic…

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I am terrible at small talk lmao
I like ‘big talk’ mostly because I know how to do that. I would much rather have a debate with someone on whether time is real than ask them how they’re doing with no intentions of caring unless they’re actually doing rlly bad

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Yep. But for me, small talk is what pays me extra cash. :tired_face:

As of now though, it can help build confidence and the ability to “friend” people you wouldn’t typically friend. For me, it can be a great way to study a person. Not their feelings of course, but just to see a new thing in somebody.

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But, sometimes making big talk can get too serious and heated.

Depending on the topic, whether it gets heated or not doesn’t really overrule how important discussing the topic could be.


I’m autistic and that is apparently a plausible reason to why I feel like this but anyway:
Small talk is usually difficult and tense for me. I rarely know what to say and usually get exhausted quickly. However during ‘big talk’ I am usually interested by the topic, allowing my mask to lower slightly and I will probably info dump while I’m at it lol

That’s very true, trust me I can relate, but honestly I prefer taking that risk that getting overwhelmed while trying to figure out whether I’m supposed to comment on my friend’s new haircut or the unchanged weather.
When a topic does get heated, if it’s online I’ll just dip until I calm myself down, and if it’s irl, I’ll either let my friend/companion know, depending on how much I trust them, or shut down until they catch the hint XD

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Uh, I’m quite confused.

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apparently small talk is hard for us
idk how accurate that is which is why i said plausible

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I understand that. We are very awkward.

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yis :joy:

I don’t wish to talk :kissing:

It really depends on the topic. I don’t like debating, arguing, nor getting into heated discussions, so in that case, I’d definitely prefer small talk.

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