Do younger teachers present their lessons in a less boring way than older ones?

I think it depends on the personality of the teacher, more than age. There are older teachers who are very creative and are constantly renovating, just as there are young teachers who prefer to only teach what’s in the book. It also depends a lot on if they really enjoy teaching or if they’re just there for the paycheck.

However, older teachers tend to teach in a more ‘traditional’ way because that’s how they learned to teach in school, and they’re used to teaching that way because they’ve been doing it for many years and it has worked for them. Many of them didn’t even use technology until online classes began and they had no other choice.

Younger teachers, on the other hand, learned different methods. I personally hate teaching boring content, so I try to include things that are relevant to my students’ context, when possible. Since I’m familiar with technology, I like to incorporate it into my lessons, like displaying a video about the topic we will talk about in class, or making a Jeopardy or Kahoot game to test their knowledge of something we’ve been seeing in class.


What I noticed in university as that the younger professors tend to be more understanding but also more insecure. They try to keep us interested but as soon as that doesn’t work, they don’t know what to do anymore :sweat_smile:


depends on the teacher tbh I have had very old teachers that had such an incredible teaching methods but I also had old ones that were so boring that I just gave up in class and learned at home. Same way for younger ones. However the younger ones are either really good teachers and you feel like they are really trying to help you or they are too shy. Like not explaining anything, very quiet and stuff like that.

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And I dont think it’s age, I think it’s the teacher

Depends on the teacher, tbh. But I’ve had young teachers who were more interesting than the old teachers. Mostly 'cause they weren’t really ‘old-fashioned’ and were more chill.

@Students @Discussions What do you guys think? Are young teachers more interesting than older teachers?

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I say no, not usually. I usually think the younger ones tend to follow plans more and the older ones are loose with lessons.

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That was not the case with our teachers, but okay!

At my school it doesn’t really make a difference tbh. But we don’t have a ton of older teachers at our school.

Really? Gutted. Some of my favourite teachers were the older ones.

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Also not the case at most schools where I’ve worked. Most older teachers here are very traditional and strict. There are a few exceptions, of course, but most of the ones who have been working 20+ years at the same school usually don’t change their way of teaching.
However, it was pretty much the opposite when I was in high school. Most of my favorite teachers were older, while the younger ones tried too hard to be strict and traditional and just came off as mean.

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