Documenting MagicPiano Forum Abuse

She keeps saying “stop snoop[ing]”. I wouldn’t have to look at this bloody forum if she stopped lying about me on it.

Guess who’s making threats via my email?

Magic Piano has escalated her crimes, which leaves me no option other than legal action.

I’m hiring a PI who has managed to find a Twitter account linked to her. We now know what state she lives in and will be seeking legal action in due course.


I’m now going to keep all information about future legal battles private, so that she can’t try to twist things in court. We are going to be taking this very seriously, as my lawyer has found 6 different crimes against me (each with different numbers of counts) and we will be proceeding with suing.


I am being harassed right now.



If I stop talking about this, it’s because my lawyer and I are drawing up legal paper.


Good for you. She’s had countless warning after warning after warning for I don’t even know how long now. This is such a stupid thing for her to be doing and I wish you didn’t have to spend all this time and money on a lawyer, but I hope she gets everything that’s coming to her. She could be spending her time (and money!) doing literally anything else. I hope after this she learns the cost of her actions and of course stops bothering you.

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